We LOVE our Brides!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching what better subject to talk about than brides!!!! I am so lucky!  I get to work with so many creative and happy women, planning for their big day!  Some of our brides like a traditional look but I find that most of you glam brides come to us for something fun and different for your big day!

The trend seems to be all about CUSTOM and the more individual the piece the better.  Many of our brides come to us for the perfect julz for their bridesmaids and I have to say the ideas you girls have are just incredible.

As many of you are planning for your special day and hopefully planning to come see me for your julz, here are some great ideas from other brides that I just had to share.

– birthstone colours for each bridesmaid incorporated into their necklace

– different designs for each girl to suit their individual personality with all of the  beads co-ordinating.

– black dresses and for each girl a Ten Strand Necklace in all her favourite colours

– julz to match the flower arrangements

– julz to match the guy’s ties

– julz to match a family tartan

This is what I love about working with all of you, you really don’t care what everyone else is doing, you are all creating your own dreams and your own magic.  You girls are the trend setters out there with all your great ideas.

As much as we may look at Bridal Magazines and what all of the HOT colours may be for brides and their bridesmaids I see more often that most of you have known since you were 10 years old what your colours were going to be on your wedding day and you’ve been dreaming about it for years.

You’re all manifesting beautiful ideas for an incredible day with your wonderful future husbands.  Thank you for sharing and making me a better designer!  I’m so blessed to have worked with you all and can’t wait to meet more newly engaged glam girls out there!

Thanks also to all of you for your referrals, what a great complement when you tell your friends and family about glamjulz!

Please come and see me on Feb 20th at the Ever After Wedding Show in Milton, Ontario.  Details coming soon!

Hooray for Co-op Students!

I just wanted to tell you all about Amanda!  Our super-fantastic and amazing co-op student!  What a wonderful experience it has been to have Amanda here at the studio.  Amanda has been with us since September and she has been a HUGE help and so eager to learn all the ropes of running a small business.

I decided to take on a co-op student to inspire, teach and lead by example to someone young and eager to learn.  Well, much to my surprise I have been the one on the receiving end of all of those things.  Amanda is such an amazing teenager, at the young age of 17 she totally gets it!  She’s in a great mood EVERYDAY!  She never says no to a new opportunity.  I watch this young lady explore all kinds of opportunities for her life. Opportunities in school, clubs, jobs, the girl just attracts great things all the time.  She is wise beyond her years, if something doesn’t turn out the way she thought it would she just moves on to the next, never seems to take anything personally.  She embraces change and all of the doors that open for her in her world.

I am truly blown away by this girl.  Next time I hear someone say, “they don’t make teenagers like they used to”, I’ll say, “I know, they make them better!”

2011 ROCKS!

So everyone….how’s it going so far?  Are we having fun yet?  Cold enough for ya?  New Year’s resolutions going well?  Oh the pressures of a new year!  Why do we do this to ourselves? New budgets, new exercise program, eating better…..the list goes on!  How many of us actually reflect on the year we just made it through and say, “Hey! I’m amazing!  I spent my dollars on some fantastic trips and great clothes this year!  I exercised as much as I wanted, when I wanted and woooo hooo did I have some fantastic meals with great friends and family! “

My 2011 rocks so far and is going to continue to rock because I am making a conscious to decision to focus on what I have achieved in my life and to stay in the moment for longer than 30 seconds and actually feel the thrill and satisfaction of the accomplishments, big or small.  Eeeek!  Can I really truly keep that up?

Let’s all agree to be nicer to ourselves this year.  Why is it so easy to show compassion and love for those we care about but the opposite seems to be true when it comes to ourselves?  Self- talk can be so toxic sometimes.  Guilt words like should, would, could…come up over and over again.  Why are we so hard on ourselves and why is the expectation always to be perfect?  Hmmmmmmmmm…….. We all have something special, something amazing to share with the world.  Let’s not be afraid to make mistakes, let’s make them and move on….let’s just go out there and give it our all and agree to be gentle with ourselves and forgiving.

Are you with me?  I want your 2011 to ROCK!  You deserve it!

Thank You!

2010 is almost over and over the next few weeks we shall all be getting together with our friends or family to enjoy some good company, good food and create good memories.

This year has thrown some of us a few more hurdles than we may be used to. Some of us have lost family, lovers, friends and some of us may have lost hope, but it is important to remember that there was always someone around to help you through the rough times. They may even have helped you remember the good times; whether it is a person we spend time with or even a little furry friend that we have cuddled up next to.

The glamjulz Hummingbird Bracelet, which helps support the creation of the CIBC Breast Assessment Centre at The Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre and the glamjulz “Three Little Wishes” earrings which raises money for families living with Cancer both made BIG money this year, all thanks to you… People with BIG Hearts.

The money is important, but what’s equally important is that there are people out there who care enough to help, share, and support those who they may not even know personally.

Our Love and best wishes go out to each and every one of you in hopes that you enjoy the holidays with those you love, and remember that just like gifts, love is also important to give as well as to receive. Take care of each other, and thank you for being loyal customers… for being loyal Friends.

Best wishes and a Happy New Year

Monica      *      Wayne      *      Dawn

One of A Kind 2010!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! To everyone that came out to see us at the One of  A Kind Christmas Show and Sale!

What a fantastic show it was!  We sold out of our 3 Wishes Earrings at the show and we are so thankful to all of you that purchased them.  We are making more at the studio now so please get your orders in on-line or you can call us before the 17th for delivery before Christmas!

Being back at the studio is great!  We have lots of custom orders to fill and lots of our stores need last minute julz for the holiday season!  Wow!  As I always say, we have the most amazing and loyal customers!  So happy that you are all filling your stockings with glamjulz!!! Speaking of Stockings, please be sure to come to our Stocking Stuffer sale on December 16th!  Lots of great julz to be had!

Big Kids Forever!

……so, ever catch yourself taking life waaaaay too seriously?  Ummmmmmm……yeah, I do!  Thank god I married Wayne!  Wayne reminds me to enjoy all the fun there is to be had everyday but especially on Halloween!  Halloween is my husband’s Christmas!  He loves it and you can’t help but love it when you are with him!

Here is my scenario every year as Halloween approaches!  OMG……only one more month and the One of A Kind Show is starting…..all of our big events are coming up!  Stress stress stress!! How can I possibly make time for Halloween?? Figuring out a costume?  I don’t have time for all this fun!  I need to put my head down and drown in beads!  And Dawn feels exactly the same way!  That’s where Wayne says, “Hey girls!  First of all calm down, I’ll figure out the costumes and secondly, yes you are going to make the time and we are going to have FUN!!!!”

Never fails!  Every year we look great and have a fantastic time!  Wayne and his friend Craig decided on an X-Men theme this year as you can see…..these guys are an amazing team they built all of our costumes and made us all look so cool and original!  We rocked the Halloween Party!  You should have seen us when the “Rock Band” came out!  LOL!

This time of year always seems to be very emotional for me.  The preparation for Christmas, wanting to please everyone with custom orders so every glam girl has EXACTLY what her heart desires under the tree.  It’s a time where I really do take myself seriously and am willing to sacrifice working 14 hour days to make sure that the Christmas season is successful.

You never know where your biggest support is going to come from when you are overwhelmed and shutting out everything and everyone to work.  In my case it comes from my husband.  He knows how to pull me out of my work obsessed state of mind and remind me how important it is to let loose and enjoy our friends and our life!

……and now, BACK TO WORK!

Burlington Rocks!

I just love living in Burlington.  There is so much going on in this city and I’ve noticed that people really get out and support their local talent.

A  few weeks ago Joelle invited me to come to a fashion show that she was hosting at the Burlington Art Centre.  Joelle was launching a new line that she’s carrying in here store called “Desigual” ….she described it as a beautiful colourful line from Barcelona that would be perfect with glamjulz…..WOW!  Joelle was not kidding! The julz really rocked with this bold and eclectic clothing line.  Each piece was so different, all one of a kind pieces, much like our julz!  I felt so proud!

The entertainment for the evening was a live performance by Ginger St.James.  A local talent from Hamilton, Ontario.  Voted the best female artist and sexiest Hamiltonian by View Magazine last year the girl’s voice is heavenly!  It’s unbelievable what she can belt out of that tiny little frame.  Her performance was amazing and I couldn’t resist running over to Ginger and throwing some glamjulz on her.  She graciously accepted my gift and handed me her latest CD.

There are so many powerful people out there and I always feel so inspired when I see strong women pushing forward with what they believe in and expressing their true selves.  I think it takes so long sometimes to discover how unique we are and what a gift it is to everyone around us when we express our individual talents and ideas.  No one should ever be afraid to express their ideas and explore how to make them a reality in life.  You never know where it might take you!  Just be you!

Glorious Northern Ontario!

A couple of weeks ago I ventured off on another road trip to seek out more fantastic boutiques to carry glamjulz!

I packed my rockin outfits, my comfy clothes, my runners, my healthy snacks and my Mom!  That’s right, my favourite travel buddy!  We had a fantastic time.  We left our cottage in the Muskoka’s on Monday morning at 7am  and made it as far as Hearst, Ontario on the first day.  I picked up a couple of new stores along the way as well!  Wooo Hooo!  The northern gals were digging the julz!  We arrived at our Motel in Hearst after dark and asked if it was safe to go for a walk.  We were told to stay away from the nature trail because it’s mating season and the bears were out.  Ha Ha!  Not exactly what I was thinking of when I asked if it was safe…..aaaah crime I asked?  The nice girl behind the desk laughed and said, “No need to worry, there’s tons of cops here and they cruise up and down the highway and eat donuts all night, you’ll be fine.”

The trip was such an amazing experience.  I always thought the Muskokas were a real Northern experience but there is so much more to see of this beautiful province.  Deer casually walking down the street, Egli’s Sheep farm in Dryden ( We got the warmest slippers there!), Kenora Recreation Centre (saltwater pool, hot tub and a sauna…aaaaahhh heaven), Terry Fox Memorial in Thunderbay and you must see the Sleeping Giant there too!  I have to say my favourite part of the whole trip was driving back along Lake Superior.  That lake will take your breath away.  I have never seen anything like it.  The look outs along the way make you stop every half an hour to take a picture.  The big hills and cliffs look like mini mountains, it’s truly unbelievable.  We really lucked out with the weather too.  We were not sure what to expect.  Could have been snow as far north as Kenora but apparently we had the warmest weather in all of Ontario that week.  The last Wednesday we were 200 km’s outside of Winnipeg and the Friday we were back in Muskoka for Thanksgiving weekend!

If any of you are planning a big northern road trip in the near future I have a couple of reccommendations:

1) Go to your public library and get some great books on CD!  We listed to 5!  It was amazing and really kept us alert for all that driving.

2) Bring a big cooler and eat 5 or 6 small meals a day if you can – cost effective and good to keep the energy level up

3) If you ever find yourself in Wawa, Ontario you must stay at the High Falls Motel and Cabins.  Gorgeous log cabins…$69 a night….I could have stayed there and read books and relaxed for a month!  It’s so perfect!

4) Stop at Agawa Indian Crafts on Highway 17 just north of Sault Ste Marie

5) We also stopped at an amazing store south of Sault Ste Marie that sold a huge variety of smoked fish, all caught in Lake Superior……Clarence’s Fish Market in Algoma Mills ON, the fish was delicious and they also had fresh frozen melt in your mouth Pickerel.  Keep an eye open when you are south of The Sault…It’s on the west side of Hwy 17.

Enjoy this Province!  We are so lucky!

This Fall needs some Colour!

There is something about fall that makes us all get serious.  Back to school, back to work, flip flops are no longer a part of the wardrobe, sensible shoes or boots are a must and for some reason we are all dying to wear sweaters and great looking coats even though we’re kinda still sweating!  Why is it that we always forget that we loathe having to put these things on by the time March rolls around?  I still remember my 19th Birthday, in August, sweltering hot and my Mom and Dad got me the COOLEST black cowboy boots!  My outfit that night, as I celebrated with my friends was, a black sweater, cut off jean shorts, the cowboy boots, and of course lots of bangles up both sides of my arms and BIG HUGE hoop earrings!  Wow!  Did I ever think I was cool…..as a side my hair was also crazy long and permed! aaaaahhh the 80’s LOL!

I am loving this fall and especially the glamjulz if I may say so myself!  Guess what we are all wearing this season? Grey, grey grey another shade of grey oooooh look more grey and yes, you said it GREY!!!!!  You know what Grey needs oh so desperately?  COLOUR!!!! That’s right!  I LOVE colour.  In case you never noticed, LOL!  Our fall collection is all about colour, any colour, anything goes with Grey so have FUN!!! We are also loving all of the inspiration and ideas that you have all shared with us over the years……comments like, “Hey, this is my favourite necklace….do you think you could add an extra clip so I can wear it as a bracelet too?”  or “I love wearing this necklace as a belt over my favourite black dress!”  You fans are amazing!  Sometimes when I am designing I am so in it that I don’t always see these opportunities for multi-purpose fashion statements.

We have just updated our website with all of the fall julz and we  have also included instructions on how to wear the pieces that can be worn more than one way…..if we’ve missed anything be sure to let us know or send us a pic of the way you like to wear your glamjulz!

Don’t forget as we get through the colder weather and we have to face those cold rainy/snowy days….you can add some sunshine to your grey with COLOUR! It’s perfectly acceptable!

October is Pink Month! I hope this story inspires all you wonderful fans!

Well here we are it’s already October the 1st which means it’s Pink Month.  Time for everyone to consciously pull together and support the fight to end Breast Cancer in our lifetime.

I have been so pre-occupied, thinking about what I could say to promote our beautiful Hummingbird Bracelets to raise money for the CIBC Breast Assessment Centre.  How can I convince every boutique that carries glamjulz to carry these in their stores? How can I sell tons of them from the website? What can I do to make people realize that they all must have one!   Hmmmmmmm…..all sounds quite pushy doesn’t it? I suppose that’s my “Leo” personality coming out again.

Last night I was given a gift from a dear friend of mine who is a Breast Cancer Survivor.  We enjoyed a wonderful evening out together and then had one of those magical conversations in the car when I dropped her off.

We talked about the “C” word and discussed all of the pain and anxiety that came along with it.  Then my friend helped me to see the bigger picture.

I have always sort of taken for granted that I come from a healthy family, I have never even considered that I would ever get sick or anyone else in my family for that matter.  I am embarrassed to say that when I hear about someone having cancer I immediately look for reasons why they have it. Is it in the family? Did they smoke? Drink too much? Eat too many packaged foods? Not enough fruits and vegetables? Don’t they exercise? My list of judgements goes on and on.  My rationalization seems to be that if any of the above are true then I have found a reason and I can go back to standing behind my big shield and carry on my merry healthy way.  Ummmmmm okay?

A couple of months ago I was approached by Hamilton Health Sciences to design a pink and crystal hummingbird bracelet to help raise money for their CIBC Breast Assessment Centre. Wow! Yeah! Hey sure of course! Why wouldn’t we want to help and oooooooh all the recognition, sounds fantastic!

But what is really happening here? Am I qualified to create something like this and try to raise money? I come from the family of healthy horses….do I have enough sympathy? Empathy? Do I really understand the big picture, do I even want to know? I feel too chicken…..how can I even begin to understand what people with Breast Cancer feel like.  Why am I making this all about me???

My friend the survivor made it all clear.  Even though I was there for her when she was going through her treatment and I listened to all of her experiences it somehow still seemed so unbelievable to me.  I would visit with her and then kind of let it leave my brain.  It all just sounded so foreign. This can’t really be happening to my sweet friend.
Last night my friend openly shared with me what it felt like to look at herself and only see one breast, self-conscious in a bathing suit now, the party girl that would skinny dip at the drop of a hat.  How she was afraid she would never wake up when she was going through chemo treatments and how she had to keep a hand on her husband to help her fall asleep at night.  How she was afraid of dying before her child would remember who she was or if she had even had enough years together with her little one to truly make an impact.  She bravely went to the doctor and told him that she didn’t want to know anything! She just wanted him to fix it and she would ask questions when she was ready.  Then she says to me “You know what Monica, this life we live is just a test, there are greater things out there and we are only just scratching the surface of this life we have here on earth.  You know what a present is? It’s the present because that’s all we have and I am grateful everyday that I have it.”

Wow! My heart leaped and sank all at the same time.  It was so beautiful to hear my friend share her feelings so candidly with me.  Now I know why I have created these bracelets and why I was joined together with Hamilton Health Sciences.  It’s To make sure that every woman has the opportunity to know what is happening with her body before it’s too late, so she can make decisions and do what is needed to get back to enjoying the present.