glamjulz in Pakistan

Isn’t it amazing how we usually end up in the right place at the right time?

I was participating in a small show in Toronto last month and a beautifully dressed and accessorized woman came over to talk to me.  She was fascinated by glamjulz and had all kinds of questions about how I came up with my designs, the quality of the pieces etc…..  She then informed me that she was a buyer for a new store in Karachi, Pakistan called (more…)

glamjulz shoot with Terra @ Home

Another one of those super fun days where I’m so HAPPY to do what I do!

Lesley Stewart asked me to come in to the Terra@Home studio to talk about bridal jewelry and trends for fall, and they spoiled me. Jenna did my make up (and is she ever good at what she does!) and us girls had a great time talking about makeup, work, life and the beautiful day.

Then it was over to the (more…)

Friday the 13th in Port Dover

I hope you’re all having an awesome summer and enjoying the heat.
Some days have been a little too hot, but I’m happily keeping them in my memory bank for February, when I’m freezing my buns off and praying for that summer sun!

Summer has so many great activities to participate in, and this month we had a GORGEOUS day for Friday the 13th.

Dave’s World and Jordan Stewart invited me to participate and sell glamjulz in Port Dover that day.  If you haven’t yet experienced Friday the 13th in Port Dover you really (more…)

Ti-Cat Cheerleaders Sporting glamjulz!

Last week Dawn and I had the pleasure of attending the 2012-13 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Cheerleader Calendar release party. We are super excited here at glamjulz because (more…)

Buskerfest with Bling on King

Last weekend I had the pleasure of participating in Buskerfest!

Our newest customers, Bling on King in Dundas Ontario, invited me to come and meet their clientele and introduce them to glamjulz… and what a blast I had!

The hospitable owners, Kathryn and Neil are very supportive of the Dundas community, and their beautiful store has been open for just a little over a year now. During the three days I was there, I think I tried (more…)

Prince Edward County Adventures

Last weekend, off I went again for another glamjulz adventure.  This time I was heading east to Belleville to have a trunk show with my friends at The Dressing Room!

Usually when I go on the out of town visits, I like to book a hotel through, Hotwire.  I decided to see what the availability was in Picton because I really wanted to check out the Sandbanks there.  Alas, no luck with Hotwire but I did come across a little gem on my own, and got a great deal because the “season” has not officially began.  I drove to Picton thinking that I had booked a little cottage for the night, when I arrived it was a beautiful (more…)

The Hummingbird Ball

As you may already know glamjulz has proudly spent the last 2 years as part of the Care4 team to help raise money to build Hamilton’s first Breast Assessment Centre.  Many businesses in the community are involved in this great cause and with two million more dollars to go we are all thinking up inventive ways to help raise money!

Last weekend Joelle (owner of Joelle’s in Burlington) and I had the pleasure of attending (more…)

Annual Mother’s Day Studio Sale!

Only a few more days until Mother’s Day. I love Mother’s Day… and I love my Mom.
I love spending time with my Mom, and Mothers Day just gives me another excuse to spoil her!

My mom is amazing, and completely selfless. Even now (more…)

The Meredith Hagan Foundation

In January of this year I was honoured with the task of designing a fundraising piece of jewelry for the Meredith Hagan Foundation.

If you don’t know Meredith’s story I am happy to fill you in. Meredith was a Burlington resident… An Athlete… A Wife… A Mother, and one of the founding members of Phat Chicks.
She believed in leading by example, that positive energy is contagious and (more…)