Keeping Organized

What is it about being dis-organized that makes us all so frantic?  Some people seem to manage with piles on their desks, garages and basements packed with miscellaneous items but most of us simply can’t handle it.

Sometimes I think it’s my all or nothing personality that makes it challenging for me to compartmentalize different projects that I am working on.  For example, if I have a pile of receipts on my desk that I have not yet organized for my book keeper I find it diffucult to be creative and design a new piece of jewelry for my latest collection.  Being dis-organized can also affect me personally.  I’ll decline invitations to go out and spend time with friends because I have no idea how I can possibly do that AND get all my work done.

Any of your feel the same?  I think this is a classic case of  just being plain old overwhelmed! Paying attention to the details is very important but it is the big leaps and jumps that truly make a difference!  It will take me 1 hour to organize my receipts and 1 hour to design a new necklace that’s just been an image floating around in my head.  Which will get me further ahead in the long run?  The necklace of course!  I am trying to make a conscious effort to be aware of these differences.  Kinda follows the old expression, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”  It really is the truth.

My TO DO folder is my most favourite thing on my desk because it allows me to tuck away what can wait till later.  Also, I have decided that time with friends is a HUGE stress relief and being more adventurous and saying “yes” to invitations has in fact made me a more organized person.

Files, post it notes, folders, shelves, boxes…..whatever it takes, go out there and splurge on these necessities!  Then sigh a huge sigh of relief as you jump ahead leaps and bounds and still have time for FUN in your life!

Julz Julz and more Julz!!!!

With 14 days to go until the One of A Kind show and about 44 days till Christmas we are working away like little elves at the studio!

This is such a great time of year.  I LOVE the build up to the shows and the positive response I receive from all of you truly is addictive!  All of your visits, emails, facebook comments and tweets!  How could I ever have a day that  I didn’t feel like a rockstar?

I am so pumped to see you all over Christmas and show you our latest and greatest beads and we will have some NEW designs at the One of A Kind show that I know you will LOVE!

Thank you for all of it….thank you for everything….thank you for always coming back for more…..none of this would be possible without you….as I always say, we have the BEST customers…supporting Canadian designers and small business is something that very special people like you make an effort to do….thanks for allowing us to thrive!

Stay glamtastic! xoxo


Rollerskating Rocks!

A couple of weekends ago Wayne and I, along with a group of old friends and their kids enjoyed a wonderful Saturday afternoon at Scooters Roller Palace!  We had such a blast!  Great exercise and fantastic music.  Old school for us and Top 40 for the kids!

I was so inspired from the afternoon that I pulled out my Rollergirl costume for Halloween this year!

I just love Rollerskating, I always have, I was actually quite addicted as a young girl, like temper tantrums when I couldn’t go!  LOL!  If you are a huge fan like me you must check out the following:

Movies- Xanadu and Whip It

Local Rollerskating goddesses – Hammer City Rollergirls, Toronto Roller Derby, and many more across Canada……..

Music – Old School Tunes to enjoy!!!

Smooth Moves – Shoot the Duck, Backwards Skate, Crazy LegsJumps, Cross-Overs

Where to Shop?

“Get down on it” my friends and get out there for a skate!







Keeping the Body Strong

So how are you all feeling now that the days are shorter and it keeps raining???? Exhausted perhaps?

Morning walks are in darkness and the thought of a walk after dinner is out of the question?  I know how you feel.

How did we go from flip flops and barbeques, tons of exercise and who cares about lack of sleep to THIS????

It’s called an adjustment period I guess.  Last week for the first time in years I came home at 3:00 one afternoon and slept the rest of the day away.  I also cut back a couple of days of walking and slept in.  Went to bed early a couple of nights and even embraced snoozing on the couch by 7:30pm.  A wonderful thing happened this week, I FEEL GREAT!!!

I know that we sometimes get fixated on exercise and eating healthy to give us energy and keep the body strong but I do believe that sleep may very well be the hottest commodity this time of year.  Ever wonder why the flu runs rampant in the fall?  We’re all adjusting, exhausted and trying to keep up with it all.  Well I say, nap, sleep, snooze and repeat.  The gym will always be there the next day, week or month.





Mother’s and Daughters

A couple of weeks ago was the Third Annual Mothers and Daughter’s weekend at our family cottage!

What a great time!  We mixed things up a little this year and had an early Christmas Market for all of the neighbours.

I had my julz of course, Audrey was there with Norwex, Brenda with her beautiful clothing line and my Mom was selling my brothers awesome T’s!

It was such a great afternoon! Friends and Neighbours shopped till they dropped and little daughters ages 3- 13 were eager and willing to help make sure the event was a success!

What a great way for these young girls to learn! They felt so empowered.  It’s pretty amazing to see how beneficial it is for children to be around Mom’s and Dad’s that live their passion!  I think it makes such a difference for them as they grow and mature.  From my observations these kids seem to have fantastic common sense and the confidence to take initiative when simple things need to get done.

School isn’t always able to teach kids these skills and I am in complete adoration of my friends that do take the time to be patient with their children and let them try new things!

Sure it’s probably easier to make your kid a snack because he or she might make a mess but after a few tries they’ll get it right and maybe be the next Jamie Oliver later on in life!

Feeling Thankful

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful Thanksgiving that we just had. Sunshine, trees glowing in full colour and an extra day to spend time with loved ones.

Every year at Thanksgiving I think we are all reminded to think of what we are most thankful for.  This year it really hit me that my health and the health of my loved ones is what I truly treasure.

Health is something that most of us consider a number one priority. Eating well, exercising, surrounding ourselves with positive people.  All great ways to stay healthy.  Sometimes those things are not enough, many people are dealt cards in life that some of us will never have to face.  I have close friends that have had to deal with so much turmoil, grief and fear in their lives and they truly are the strong ones!

I want to introduce you to one of those people.  A dear friend Janet Cockburn who is a two time breast cancer survivor.   Through all of Janet’s suffering she had the strength to make her pain her passion.  She translated her experiences into helping women just like her, to empower them, help them feel comfortable in their own skin and she has become a new friend to many.

I invite you to check out Janet’s website and read her story, I know it will move you.

Janet is a powerful woman that teaches us all to believe in ourselves and that sunny days are always ahead.

Change is good

So this beautiful trip I took across Canada in September was truly inspiring in many ways.

As many of you know I picked up a dear friend who has been living in Kelowna for the past 12 years.  She made a decision to move back to Ontario for many GREAT reasons.  Still, she left behind family, mountains, and beautiful lakes to make a major change in her life.  I was so proud to stand by my friend and bring her back to Ontario.  The way she embraces change is so motivating.  She’s always been a friend that has loved change and craved it and as a result has lead a pretty exciting life.

What a healthy outlook.  The trip across the country and our conversations in the car with the music blaring and the windows open made me realize how much of an adventure life is!  Sure things can become, mundane, routine and ordinary and often we crave changes but are too afraid to make them because we fear how we will cope with them.

For me the traveling has really become an addiction and way I LOVE to spend my time and generate new business.  I do however remember a time that I did not feel that way.  I had traveled with friends in my 20’s to Europe and other places and then again with Wayne but the thought of making that extra leap and actually visiting places alone was something that felt a bit scary.  I started by making little changes.  Visiting small towns in Ontario and staying the night in a hotel on my own.  Those one night trips turned into 2 or 3 days and before I knew it I was off to Florida for 2 weeks, British Columbia for a week and Ottawa and Montreal for a week at a time.

As a result of making those little changes I eased into something that is painless and FUN and the way that I prefer to do business!

The BEST part is when I get home and Wayne is at the door so proud of me and eager to hear about all of my adventures!




Oh Canada!

Ever wanted to be in two places at once?  I figured out how to do it!  Ha Ha!

This is such a cool picture, a friend in Calgary took this Panoramic shot of me on a beautiful morning walk last week!

Did I say Calgary?  Yes I did!  I should also say, Vancouver, Kelowna, the Okanagan Valley, Canmore, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg, Dryden and Thunder Bay!

That’s right!  I drove across Canada with glamjulz!  What an amazing experience.  My dear friend Jen had decided last year that she wanted to move back to Ontario from Kelowna.  What a huge decision for her and Wayne and I really didn’t want her to take on that drive on her own.  We talked about it and decided what a GREAT opportunity!  I could go over and help Jen and then we could take our time seeing this AMAZING country together while I visit tons of beautiful stores along the way.  So Jen and I made a plan!  And we DID IT!!! Once in a lifetime opportunity.

I loved it all and honestly feel even more proud than ever to be Canadian.  I do have to say that the drive into Ontario was so breathtaking.  The Canadian Shield is so powerful, I had goosebumps!  I am so priveleged that my work can take me through all of these wonderful adventures.

Hmmmmmm… I need to make a plan for the next road trip….Nunavut perhaps?



Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

Have you ever met someone and realized that they walked into your life at the right time for all the right reasons?

That’s how I felt when I met Amber of Amber Richmond Photography.  We met at a Wedding Show in February and hit it off right away.  Amber’s positive energy and lust for life was contagious, watching her interact with the brides lifted my confidence and helped me have a GREAT show!

An exchange of business cards and an email back and forth and that was it.  Then almost 6 months later I was doing an in store event in Port Carling and Amber walks in!  Looking gorgeous checking out my necklaces…took us a minute and then we realized our connection!  So great to see each other…..Amber had her eye on one of my pieces but had to dash and we said, let’s get back in touch!  I felt so happy to see Amber and thought, this is a girl that I need to connect with and talk about how we can help each other in business.  So I got back to the studio that Monday, wrapped up that necklace and sent it to Amber with a note.

Amber was thrilled!!!! The gesture blew her away and she wanted to meet for a coffee.  We made a date and the day before I had been feeling not myself, challenged, overwhelmed, scared….lots of crazy feelings, which come along with being an entrepreneur.  I wanted to re-schedule with Amber so that when I saw her I was sincerely POSITIVE and UPBEAT and not ruin our meeting while in my rut.

Amber walks into Starbucks and as soon as I see her I feel like I’m looking into the eyes of an old friend.  So we just start talking…..Amber starts by openly sharing with me all of her fears and what keeps her up at night running a business.  I could have cried!  We had sooooo much in common it was unreal.  We were able to share our insecurities and pump each other up with kind words of re-assurance and reminders of why we do what we do everyday.  Together we realized that we all have fears, doubts and insecurities.  Sometimes it’s okay to embrace that dark cloud, have an outburst.  We put so much pressure on ourselves to be strong and not put anything “negative” out there!  That’s okay though, feelings are important no matter what they are.  It is our inner strength that makes us powerful and capable and one of a kind.  We need to realize that no one has it right, there is no right or wrong, there is JUST DO IT!  Be out there, surround yourself with what you love and be passionate, allow the good to flow and it will come fast and furious!

As Amber said to me, “I AM and I WILL”…………………..yeah baby!



Making it Just Right

As you all know most of August was taken up by moving into our NEW studio space.  We are all loving the new space and owning it makes it even more special.

When we started packing boxes at the old place I felt so overwhelmed!  How am I ever going to get to unpacking?  How do people in business handle a move?  There will never be enough time to take care of all this!  I need to be out there promoting  glamjulz!!

I was having one of those moments where I felt like I had to “control” the situation because no one else would understand how things needed to be organized.  Was I ever wrong!  Wayne and Dawn took the bull by the horns.  They are the ones that spend most of their time in the studio so they needed to make it functional for them.  Absolutely amazing, I never unpacked one box!

By staying clear and allowing those two to have “control” the studio is more efficient and organized than I ever could have done myself.  Shelves are labeled, we have a proper shipping area, we have a lounge area, the showroom is perfect and the bead wall looks great!  Wayne’s even created an area where he can do all his photo shoots and video work.

Sometimes we just need to let go and let the people that support us take over!