Green – Inspired by Carrie Fisher


This weekend brave men and women all over the world rallied together to support the Women’s March.  Carrie Fisher was celebrated and she (more…)

Multi – Inspired by George Michael

Oh yes, I am totally pumped about introducing my first colour combination for Spring 2017!!

Every season I think, hasn’t every variation of the multi colour combination been done?  It’s been 16 years of glamjulz!  Every season I proudly prove myself WRONG!

Speaking of proud, this colour combination is inspired by just that, pride!  Pride in who we are, not only as individuals but as a society.

George Michael was the inspiration for this colour palette.

Losing George Michael on Christmas day was (more…)

Stand up to YOU in 2017!


We are now well into the first month of 2017!  The saying, “Time waits for no one” is ringing so true for me this year.

Instead of taking my usual approach and writing out New Year’s resolutions I have decided to look at this year a little differently.  Every time I do (more…)

Our angels will sparkle & shine in 2017


How can I not start with how we are all feeling about 2016?  So many talents have passed on.  The whole year has felt like our generation’s entertainers have abandoned us.

Last week @misstexas67 tweeted, “It is becoming increasingly obvious that David Bowie has established a better alternate Universe and (more…)

Let’s celebrate what YOU gave in 2016


However you are celebrating today I want you to take some time to celebrate yourself.

When I started glamjulz 16 years ago I wanted to make a difference in the world but I knew I could not do that on my own.  I needed people around me who believed in me and wanted me to succeed.

I had to get out there and build my tribe.  I did this by connecting with people at craft shows, home parties, bridal shows and other events.  I have built some amazing friendships along the way.

When I look at all of you who subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Social Media I can proudly say that you are with me because you want to be here.  You chose to be a part of this sparkly glamjulz world which means that you believe in what I am creating and building.  Do you have any idea how amazing that feels?

Here is the part where (more…)

A Year of Treat Yourself Tuesday!


It’s coming up to our one year anniversary of “Treat Yourself Tuesday” at the glamjulz studio.

My idea for this special day came to be when I decided (more…)

Black & Pewter


For me Black and Pewter is all about the 90’s!

I did the 90’s so well in my 20’s. Ha ha! My favourite parts of that decade were the platform shoes, the mini skirts, the black leather jackets and lots of eyeliner. I remember a favourite black sleeveless turtle neck with silver sparkles that I loved to wear for clubbing. I thought it looked like a stary night.

Today I chose (more…)

Red & Silver


This colour combination makes me think of the original Hollywood glam! In the 90’s Gwen Stefani brought it all back to life with her Crimson Red lips and bleach blonde locks.

Red looks great for any time of year but we can really play it up over the holidays with that little bit of added sparkle. How fun would it be to pick up the girls for a night on the town in a 1950’s fiery red Cadillac instead of a limo? All heads would turn! (more…)

Coffee & Cream



Aaah I love that feeling of blissful exhaustion after having worked really hard on something and then basking in the success of it all.  That will be the feeling I will have on Monday December 5th after eleven days at the One of A Kind Show. I, along with over 800 artisans will all be enjoying this euphoric feeling, thanks to all of you who come out to the show every year and give your support to the artists.

While getting ready for the One of A Kind show I was writing out daily checklists so long, that I felt like my days were playing out in Fast Forward.  One night (more…)

Blue & Hematite


Blue, blue, blue! Beautiful shades of blue! Okay, I admit it! I was one of those 90’s gals who loved the starry night stuff… I had a midnight blue bedroom with glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling! By the way I did paint that bedroom myself!  I was a mural painter before (more…)