Motherly Love comes from Within

A Mother’s Love is strong, never ending, and unconditional.

For many of us it is the deepest love we have ever felt.  Our Mom is the one who brought us into the world and guided us along the way as we fumbled.

My relationship with my Mom is a friendship and bond that has grown and changed over the years.

You won’t believe this one, but I came into the world as a timid little thing.  My Mom often tells me, “Moni, you were born scared.”  Yup, that was me.  I was the kid who (more…)

Plant Seeds that Matter!

I remember, when I first started glamjulz, I was pretty fixated on the idea of global domination!

Oh yeah, I wanted to be in every province, every state and then take it across the pond and conquer Europe, then Asia, on and on.

Over the years my ambitions and priorities have changed.  Not because I have given up or I don’t think it’s eventually possible.  I just settled down a little and realized how much love and support there is right here in my very own backyard.

This year especially has been such a game changer.  (more…)

Vat are you Sinking about?

Have you ever heard the Mike Dooley quote, “Thoughts become things, choose the good ones”?

I love the quote and try so hard every day to train my brain to follow.

Is it easy?  No, it’s tough and it takes discipline.  It takes work, but the work is sooooo worth it!

As the silly humans who we are, some days I think that we are under the impression that if (more…)

Release your inner Wonder Woman!

As a continuation of my last blog I wanted to report back to you on how the healthy eating and exercising is affecting my mental health.

I actually feel like a new person.  Here’s why . . . (more…)

Self-Care isn’t Selfish . . .

The buds are on the trees, the daffodils are blooming, birdies are chirping and each morning we are greeted with either sunshine, rain or snow flurries.

Our surroundings are changing and we are waking up from the hibernation of winter.  Have you noticed you have a little more “spring” to your step these last few days?

This time of year was made for renewal.  I believe it’s one of the best times of the year to take time to re-center and set new intentions as we move into summer.

I have been thinking about what I would like the next few months to look like.

Personally, I want (more…)

Dress for Success helps Women Sparkle!

With Mother’s Day fast approaching I love to take this time to think of the incredible women that I have in my life.

To me Mother’s Day is the celebration of all women.  Some of us are lucky enough to still have our Mom and some of you have your Mom with you as your forever angel.

Have you ever noticed that there are certain women in your life who always give you unconditional love and support?  These are the gals most commonly referred to as (more…)

Our Good Vibes Attract Our glamjulz Tribe!

Its a wrap on another fantastic One of A Kind Spring Show!

Once again I had my super sales girl Natasha by my side for the full 5 days! We love our time together so much that we call it our all inclusive vacation. Especially when we’re grazing through the delicious food aisles!

Natasha has boundless energy and gets excited about the people, the julz, the show and all of our Social Media posts.

This girl vibrates on (more…)

Build it and they will Come!

“Build it and they will come.” One of my favourite movie quotes.

A few months ago Maggie asked me if I had ever considered an early access launch party for our VIP’s when we release a new collection.  I’m embarrassed to say the thought never crossed my mind.

While I was in the States doing biz, I left Maggie, Dawn and Natasha with the task of planning (more…)

Team glamjulz = Family

If I can think of one person who everyone would love to work for, it would be Sir Richard Branson.  He treats his employees well and in turn they treat him and his business well.

Last Friday I returned from being away in Florida for four weeks.  This is an annual trip that I take with my Mom.  We enjoy some holiday time and I spend most of my days there networking, putting on trunk shows and showing my glamjulz collection to beautiful boutiques.

This year I feel extremely proud of Dawn, Natasha and Maggie.  They all used their skills to manage day to day challenges at the studio and keep things running smoothly.  They all went through their lists of accomplishments with me when I returned and all I had to do (more…)

Purple – Inspired by Prince

“Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to get through this thing called LIFE”

Purple is so vibrant, people who love it are said to be the most artistic among us.  Of course this colour is all about our man Prince.  This man is my final late great inspiration for the 2017 spring collection.

He was mysterious, naturally gifted and believed in (more…)