The Toronto Collection

This city holds a place in my heart that is so big it actually flutters.

I grew up in Oakville but my heart is in this city.  Toronto is my foundation.

My parents met in this city, my Oma lived at Pape and Danforth and I was living the city life from the time I was in the womb.

When my Mom started having contractions with me my Oma drove her along the Danforth, across the Bloor Viaduct and straight to the doors of the Wellesley Hospital.  That drive was made very gingerley, entirely in 2nd gear in my Oma’s 1967 emerald green beetle.  That was August 20th 1969. (more…)

The Laurentians Collection

This stunning colour combination comes from Dawn who has been with glamjulz since 2001!  I know how much you all love Dawn’s creativity here at the studio.  Start to imagine now how spectacular this Laurentians inspired colour story will be.

Take it away Dawn and tell us what inspired you for our fall 2017 collection.

“I was so lucky to have had a beautiful cottage in the Laurentians – spending weeks (more…)

The O’Leary Collection

Introducing our next colour combination for fall 2017.  This one inspired by Maggie here at glamjulz.

Take it away Maggie, you will love her story . . .


The Muskoka Collection

Like many fortunate “kids” my age my parents invested in a second home up north.  Our cottage in beautiful Muskoka.

This is honestly the most important place in the world to me.  I consider it a sacred place.  A haven surrounded by nature.

Muskoka really is a magical part of Ontario.  I remember as a kid picking up (more…)


As you can probably tell I LOVE Social Media!

I love documenting all of the successes we have at glamjulz and I love sharing them with you.

I also adore platforms like Snapchat and My Story on Instagram because I think it’s interesting to give you glimpses of what happens behind the scenes as well.

My strategy with social media has always been to make you feel good!  I want you to look at our posts and get energized, know that you are unstoppable and you can create a world that is fulfilling and joyful.

Sometimes I worry about (more…)

Reflecting on what Matters . . .


This weekend I took some “me” time.

I wanted to reflect on my business, my goals and what makes this whole experience so magical.

My recent interactions with people have been more than just rewarding.  I’m getting feedback that I have craved, dreamed of and hoped for since I started my business over 20 years ago.

The whole reason I started this biz was to change women’s lives.  glamjulz was born from a (more…)

Proud to be Canadian, eh?

What a strange world it would have been growing up if my friends hadn’t come from all over the Globe.  I never would have known how delicious tea with milk and clotted cream was, or learned how to dance to Raggae music, or what it meant to be born in the year of the Rooster.

I’ve always loved the diversity.  Most of my friends were born here but their parents were immigrants.  Even though we came from different places it’s funny how (more…)

From 14 to 47 . . .

This was an exciting week indeed.  In my last blog I talked about making sure we release that little girl inside to show the world our authentic selves.

From Monday through Friday I flipped back and forth from adult to kid like nobody’s business!

Monday morning started bright and early, I was up with the sun and off with (more…)

Bustin’ a Move for Boobz

Remember when you were a kid and you would say, “When I get older I am going to do this!  When I have money I’m buying this, my life is going to be so awesome and look like this!” ?

Those dreams were BIG and they meant something!  I had lots of them.  In my 20’s I went for some of them but had insecurities that stopped me.  In my 30’s I tried again but also had it in my head that I needed to “grow up” and act responsibly, buy a house, get married, move my way up the corporate ladder.

Then came the 40’s!  Lots of life stuff happened, beautiful things and tragic things (more…)