Coffee & Cream



Aaah I love that feeling of blissful exhaustion after having worked really hard on something and then basking in the success of it all.  That will be the feeling I will have on Monday December 5th after eleven days at the One of A Kind Show. I, along with over 800 artisans will all be enjoying this euphoric feeling, thanks to all of you who come out to the show every year and give your support to the artists.

While getting ready for the One of A Kind show I was writing out daily checklists so long, that I felt like my days were playing out in Fast Forward.  One night (more…)

Blue & Hematite


Blue, blue, blue! Beautiful shades of blue! Okay, I admit it! I was one of those 90’s gals who loved the starry night stuff… I had a midnight blue bedroom with glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling! By the way I did paint that bedroom myself!  I was a mural painter before (more…)

Multi Colour


This past week was one full of emotion and mixed feelings as our neighbours across the border and we watched one of the most controversial elections of our time unfold.

As Canadians many of us feel heartbroken and fearful for what (more…)

Green & Grey


Have you been spending time in nature these days?

Any time I have available to be outside I’ll take it.  I don’t care if it’s plus or minus 40.  I’ve always felt like the outdoors were calling my name.

I still have a couple of weekends to enjoy the family cottage before my hubby and I close it up for the season.  During our visits at this time of year I love to venture into the forest behind our house.  If I get up early enough for one of these walks I am guided in by an acre of mist (more…)

Rust & Mustard


I thought that featuring these colours would be quite appropriate as we say goodbye to the most beautiful month of the season.

The rust and mustard colour combination is a comforting and warm palette. I feel cozy (more…)

Raspberry & Gold


Every season I create eight NEW colour combinations for glamjulz.  These colour combinations come from a place of inspiration, passion and a clear vision.

My suppliers sometimes laugh at me when they show me all the pretty new beads.  The dialogue on my side is always, NO! NO! NO . . . don’t like those (more…)

Bringing Back The 90’s


Did you spend your 20’s in the 1990’s?  Anyone out there with me on this one?

I am completely engulfed in the fashion trends this fall!  Everything I LOVED about the 90’s is back and better than ever.

Lace, leather, deep burgundy lips, mini skirts and platform shoes.  Oooooh (more…)

Thankful For The Friends I Make Wherever l Go


I’ve heard it said time and time again, a handful of good friends is all you really need in life.

What if I said that more than a handful is also wonderful?  Would I be wrong?

I have the friends I grew up with, the friends I’ve worked (more…)

October Is So Much More Than Pink


Yesterday I changed our glamjulz facebook header and profile pic to pink!  I wrote on my personal page about someone who showed an act of kindness towards me with a little pink angel. I also sent out a special message to our email subscribers about our “3 Little Wishes” julz for 2016.

In other years October came and went and I never related it to the colour pink or Breast Cancer awareness.

For me October was about cozy fires, watching the leaves change colour and thinking about all of the things that I was thankful for.

Years went by and then – reality hit . . . (more…)

Your Sparkle is your Gift . . .


If you’ve been following our activity on Social Media this week you have probably seen the posts I’ve written about our fall colour combinations.

Every single colour combination has a story.  I wrote about the colours, why I chose them, the inspiration and how I see you wearing them.

I think that it’s also important to know that glamjulz is about so much more than (more…)