What is a Family?

Last week my husband asked me to watch a documentary with him about one of his favourite comedians, Tig Notaro.   Her story was touching and filled with events in her life that left her heartbroken.  In 2012 Tig’s Mom died suddenly and shortly after Tig was diagnosed with cancer.  Determined to carry on the life line of her mother Tig tried everything to have a child, despite the risks (more…)

Love, Kindness and the Year of the Pig

Are you into the horoscope stuff or not?  Some people live by it and some people think it’s a bunch of baloney.

I have always been intrigued.  Any theories that are magical and connected to the moon, the stars, and the big beautiful Universe, I’m IN!

I suppose I love it so much because it gives me hope.  When things aren’t going my way it’s comforting to hear that mercury is in retrograde.  When I might become frustrated with someone in my life I will often refer to the characteristics of their star sign to help me gain compassion for them.  Am I crazy?  Maybe, but so far it’s working for me.

So, in case you haven’t heard, the Year of the Pig is all about (more…)

2019 Resolutions – Check In!

So . . .

How are you feeling about the new year so far?  Are you working through your goals and all of the things you were convinced that you’d be better at accomplishing this year?

Isn’t it crazy what we do to ourselves?  We know full well that we are creatures of habit yet we really, truly believe that just because the new year is here we can be rid of our old habits and fall into new, productive ones with absolutely no resistance.

Okay, you may or may not agree with me.  Maybe I’m saying “we” to make myself feel better!  Ha ha!  But being 100% truthful with you, these are the expectations I put on myself every year.

For the past four weeks, while on my quest to become a better version of myself, there have been little miracles that are pushing me towards success.  Is this what happens to people when they enter the year they are going to turn 50? If it is, then hallelujah!

It’s an ever so gentle shift I’ve had within myself, something that isn’t a major epiphany, just a little something that’s helped me see myself in a new light.

Are you ready? . . (more…)

YWCA Women of Distinction Nominees

So, back in November on my way to the One of A Kind Show my friend Nancy McMillan called me and asked how much sleep I was getting these days.  I laughed as it was half way through the show and I was averaging about six hours a night.  Then she said, “Well Monica, sleep is over rated, I’m nominating you for a YWCA Women of Distinction Award so you’re going to have to work your buns off and get me some info this evening, the deadline is fast approaching and we need to get on this!”

I was so flattered, so appreciative and sooooo warm and fuzzy inside over my friend Nancy’s big heart, wanting to do something so special for ME!!!

We got the work done and Nancy reached out to a bunch of amazing people whom I had helped over the years through various fundraising opportunities.  The letters people submitted and the words they wrote truly humbled me and made me feel so darn special.

I’d like to share a few lines with you from some very wonderful women – (more…)

My Cure for Winter Blues

For many of us, once the Holiday Season is behind us,  we dread the cold days ahead.  Sunny days in May feel like an eternity away!

I remember longing for warm, sunny days as a kid.  There were only so many snowmen and forts that I wanted to build.  I longed for (more…)

Living Coral is the Answer to Our Need for Connection

Since the new year began I’ve been thinking a lot about how I spend my time and what makes me feel really good energetically.

I did a little experiment over the holidays to announce that I was still resting and it was okay for everyone else to do the same.  For me the “resting” was about getting off my phone and enjoying other activities like walks outside, meeting a friend for breakfast, reading a book and cooking a three course meal just because.   Those few days that I took “off” from my phone changed me.

I realized how addicted (more…)

Of Course I’m Afraid Of Change . . .

Are you fearful of change?  If you are not then please, share your secret!

Most of us are afraid of change, we fear that we might fail, we fear the way others will look at us.  Believe it or not usually the biggest fear is that we will succeed.  What an oxymoron that one is.  Or is it?

Whether you’re a Voltaire enthusiast or a Spider Man fan, you’ve heard the quote, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Responsibilities can often feel overwhelming.  Especially because when we work so hard to get the “thing”, we often don’t know (more…)

2019! I’m Ready for You!

Two more days left in 2018!  Then it’s time to welcome a new year.  Traditionally I make my resolutions, get my hopes up that things will be different and then for some reason things never seem to progress or change fast enough for me.  Isn’t that crazy?  Isn’t this way of thinking the same as wishing my time away?

This New Year’s Eve I’m going to try something different.  (more…)

The Magical 2018 Winter Solstice

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!  Time to get those last few things we need for Christmas Day and finally put our feet up!

We made it, everyone!

My Christmas holidays this year will be jam packed with so much activity.  My Mom’s closing day on her house is December 27th so that means celebrating Christmas Eve as is our family tradition.  Then, Christmas Day and Boxing Day will be spent packing up the last of the family home and getting ready for the big move to her lovely new condo!

I think it’s going to be a bittersweet couple of days.  I’ll be making lots of delicious food for all of us to nibble on while we pack and share more wonderful memories.

Once we have my Mom all moved in and settled I am going to take time to rest.  I hope you will too!  The winter solstice insists that we do . . .

The 2018 winter solstice has been extra special.  Not only (more…)

The Art of Small Business

I could not have asked for a better week!

You would think that after 11 days of the One Of A Kind Show and then heading into the Christmas rush I would be completely exhausted.