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The Story

In November 2015, Wayne Liu, loving husband of wife Shirley and father of 9 children, was diagnosed with cancer.

Upon Wayne’s meetings with the Juravinski Cancer Centre, it was determined that he needed radiation treatment for a tumour that was found on his upper back right by his shoulder. The tumour had also metastasized to his lungs. There was no telling how long the tumours had been there.

Shortly thereafter Wayne and Shirley met with Mount Sinai Hospital and they received the dreaded news that the cancer was an aggressive sarcoma, and the diagnosis was terminal.

Doctor’s recommended chemotherapy,  but with no hope at the end because it was terminal. With this type of cancer you basically have only months to live from the diagnosis.

Wayne was also offered clinical trials at Mount Sinai Hospital. . . These trials had adverse side effects that would have worsened his quality of life.

Wayne and Shirley explored all of their options and decided that together they would try a different path, making sure that Wayne’s time with his family was the best that it could possibly be. Hope and faith took over.

As a family they battled cancer spiritually.

They prayed together constantly, they went on healing crusades and used the strength they gained to accept the diagnosis while at the same time never wavering from hope.

Wayne and Shirley chose a natural approach instead of chemo.

Wayne ate fresh organic foods and took natural medicine.  The family joined together in the kitchen and took turns juicing for him, mostly with vegetables. Sugar was eliminated from his diet and the commitment to healthy eating became a primary focus not only for Wayne but for the entire family. Wayne and Shirley researched to uncover all avenues and possibilities.

In the end Wayne was going to The Marsden Clinic, where they treat cancer patients with a therapeutic and natural approach.

He was also having to take chemo treatments which lasted only about 3 weeks. He was told by the doctors at Juravinski that anymore would kill him at his already weak and fragile state.

The alternative choices that they made while Wayne was living with cancer helped him to feel powerful and in control of his well being.

Wayne and Shirley were doing everything that they could to make Wayne’s quality of life as comfortable as it possibly could be.  Unfortunately with Wayne’s diagnosis being terminal, he passed away in September 2016.

Despite the short battle, from day one, Wayne battled cancer with hope and faith and with strength and courage for his family until the end.

This 38 year old man was a loving father, a supportive husband, a teacher with a huge heart and Shirley tells us he had a wonderful sense of humour.  He loved everything about hockey. He loved the game and played hockey since he was a child, Wayne also coached on the side. He was very passionate about the sport. It was extremely sad for the family to see him physically deteriorate and lose weight rapidly, as he had always been physically built like a rock.

We are so grateful to Shirley that she could share her story with us. It is particularly touching to know that Shirley and her husband made a decision to take a different road, and when Wayne passed away, he was ready and able to accept his last few days with strength and courage.

Cancer is a horrible disease that affects the whole family, and so for the 6th year in a row, glamjulz has designed a new, Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal piece of jewelry to raise money for the “3 Little Wishes fund”, which is an ongoing glamjulz project were proceeds go towards helping families who are unable to deal with the financial burdens of living with cancer.

The 2016 edition Three Little Wishes Bracelets are $45 each with proceeds from each one going towards this year’s family.

A gift with heart and purpose… and it’s probably the easiest Christmas Shopping that you’ll end up doing this year!

With your help, we’re able to make a huge difference in the lives of others, and we thank you for your continued love and support.

Monica and Wayne