Naughty or Nice Necklace


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Product Description

Remember when you were younger and the magic of Christmas was always such a fabulous time of year?  Filled with family outings, festive feasts and amazing presents from Santa Claus.

We were constantly reminded to be good as Santa was watching and if we were naughty and not nice we would be left with coal and not treasures.  Well what if I told you here at glamjulz we have you covered no matter what?

This week we are introducing our coal inspired necklace adorned with a beautiful smokey grey Swarovski heart.  It’s the perfect gift for yourself and someone you love!

So, if you have been naughty or if you have been nice, no worries this necklace is one you will treasure forever!  After all it takes a lot of coal to make a diamond!

Necklace is 18 inches with a 2 inch extender






I just had to let you know how much I love your julz! This is my third time ordering a number of pieces. In the past I have bought glamjulz as gifts for family and friends ranging from teenagers to my Mom. To celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary, I ordered a necklace, bracelet and earrings that match. My favorite color is red and the way you made it pop with white, blue and other colors is amazing! I bought an outfit to go with the jewels and will send you a pic after our anniversary. Thank you for being the easiest designer I've ever worked with. My custom pieces catch the eye of every woman when I get dolled up. You make me look good :)
Tara Hamilton, Fresno, California