Teachers Are the Best – Bookmarks & Bracelets


  • Units Sold: 17/1000

    Units Sold: 17/1000
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The Story

Sometimes I remember school like it was yesterday… Well, maybe High School felt like yesterday and public school feels like last week.

I remember how hard it was to fit in, make friends, keep up and feel motivated to get good grades and stay focused. I know it was like that for a lot of kids, but can you imagine having to do all of those things on an empty stomach?

There are children out there who go to school hungry everyday!

This is where Halton Food for Thought can make all the difference. It’s an amazing organization that has a mission to make sure that every kid in the Halton Region goes to school with a full tummy!

Filling a tummy is an important step in filling a mind, and filling a mind is the foundation of a bright future.  A hungry child can have problems concentrating, staying alert and is more likely to have behavioural issues, and can even fall behind in the classroom.

As this school year is coming to a close, glamjulz wants to help make sure that all students in the Halton Region have healthy food choices available to them during the school day!

You can help by letting your kids show their Teacher’s how much they appreciate them by giving that special Teacher one of our colourful glamjulz Bookmarks or Bracelets.

Each Bookmark or Bracelet is $25. They’re made with our best quality glass beads, come in a variety of colours and each one is finished with a beautiful pewter apple charm.

It’s also important to know that glamjulz will donate proceeds to Halton Food for Thought, from every one of these Bookmarks or Bracelets sold you will help feed 5 students a healthy breakfast in the the Halton Region… AND we’re also going to give you free shipping.

We’re passionate about helping to change lives for the better, and we know that our Family, Friends and Fans are the best when it comes to helping out with a great cause!

Thank you, Monica, and the glamjulz team.