Year of the Pig – Sun Catcher


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Product Description

This beautiful pink and gold sun catcher is to celebrate the Year of the Pig.  This year represents prosperity, wealth and abundance.

Many of the pink beads in this piece are rose quartz, I included these in my design because I believe that the only way we can truly attract what we want into our lives is when we start with love.  The love and healing vibrations from the rose quartz protect the heart from toxic emotions and blockages.  When our heart is healed then we can take that extra leap and push forward, pursuing the things in life we might be holding back on.

This year let’s make a deal!  Let’s dream big and live bigger!

Hang this beautiful sun catcher where the light will shine in and reflect all over your surroundings.  It’s a magical piece that will inspire you and remind you that you are loved and you can achieve anything you set your mind to!  You are invincible!!!

When you order 4 or more of these sun catchers you will receive a very special glamjulz gift that you can wear every day.  These julz will be sure to make all of your dreams come true in 2019!

I wish you love, prosperity, health and abundance in 2019!

My other personal wish is for you to let the love flow in your direction.  Push yourself that little bit further, truly get to work on those things you’ve been putting off.  That dream vacation, the book you always wanted to write, the restaurant you want to try, the people you want to meet.  Get out there and make it happen, there is only one special, spectacular you, so go for it!

Keep reaching for the stars and always show the world your sparkle!

Monica XO







No matter what outfit or event I am dressing for, my glamjulz make me feel 100% more glamorous and put together.  When I wear a simple tank and jeans I add a little glamjulz and I feel that I look amazing and more sexy.  They dress up any corporate dress and always go with your dress up attire.  But I think girls may be misconstrued that they can't wear their glamjulz everyday.  And you can.! I wear my new short magnetic necklace and long dangly earrings all the time.  And my new "every other" day favorite... the one with the small cluster that you can wear short or long.  I wear these with sundresses, shorts and tanks and jeans and going out tops. It completes my outfits. I also love how my glamjulz are so diverse.  You can change up one necklace to go with or change the look of something by adjusting the length or density of the necklace.  Sometimes I even throw on the one strand belt or necklace on as a bracelet. Monica and her team are amazing.  They are there to help and take care of you what ever your needs.  My mom lost one of her favorite earrings from glamjulz, I sent them a photo of the other one and they found me a replacement that I could surprise her with.  Thanks Monica and glamjulz!  You rock!!!
Rachel Price, Grassy Key, Florida