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As some of you may know, I had the pleasure of visiting Ottawa last weekend. Magpie Jewellery graciously extended me an invitation for a “Meet the Designer” event, and what a fantastic time I had. The store owners decided that it would be best to feature me in each of their three store locations, so… Read more »

One of A Kind Spring Show

  Woo Hoo!! It’s here and we are SOOOOO READY!  Things have been busy, busy at the studio! Dawn’s made sure we have tons of fresh julz for you to choose from and Wayne’s got the booth gear all organized and ready to go for set up day on Tuesday! Opening day is Wednesday and

Wedding Traditions

It’s that exciting time of year again, where many brides are out and about at Wedding Shows and Bridal shops searching for all of the perfect details to make their special day extra magical. I thought it might be fun to highlight some of the traditions that most of us follow and tell you about… Read more »

Costume Jewelry vs. Fashion Jewelry

My husband, Wayne said something interesting yesterday.  He said, “It kinda’ bugs me when people refer to our pieces as costume jewelry. They are not for costumes. You don’t see Batman running around wearing … Not that there would be anything wrong with that!” Okay I could only disagree with that statement if I was… Read more »

Julz Julz and more Julz!!!!

With 14 days to go until the One of A Kind show and about 44 days till Christmas we are working away like little elves at the studio! This is such a great time of year.  I LOVE the build up to the shows and the positive response I receive from all of you truly… Read more »

What’s inside my jewelry box?

Hmmmmmm……a jewellery box you say?  Well I do have one but I can never find anything in it!  It gets messy fast!  Since is all about colour, I need to make sure that every morning when I get dressed I am perfectly accessorized in matching julz!  That means they need to be in clear view…. Read more »

We LOVE our Brides!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching what better subject to talk about than brides!!!! I am so lucky!  I get to work with so many creative and happy women, planning for their big day!  Some of our brides like a traditional look but I find that most of you glam brides come to us for something… Read more »

This Fall needs some Colour!

There is something about fall that makes us all get serious.  Back to school, back to work, flip flops are no longer a part of the wardrobe, sensible shoes or boots are a must and for some reason we are all dying to wear sweaters and great looking coats even though we’re kinda still sweating! … Read more »