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On tour with glamjulz

So here I am on an incredible adventure with 2 of my favourite travel buddies… Mom and Maggie! Oh yes… Maggie is a sweet little Monster from our friends at Monster Factory in Toronto. We’ve got her all glammed up and ready for our road trip to the Florida Keys. We still have quite a… Read more »

Spring Treats

Cruising through the Ontario snow and sleet, accompanied by my Mom as we giggle and sing along with the Elvis Station on XM Satellite radio, peddling my sparkly wares to the funkiest little shops and stopping in to say hi to friends and family… That’s how I spent the month of January. Even though it’s… Read more »

Olivia Newton-John, Xanadu and glamjulz

Olivia Newton-John and I? Heck, we go waaaaaay back… Waaaaaay back to 1980 to be exact!! Well… that’s when I was first introduced to her. She was my first female idol. I strolled out of the movie theatre smiling from ear to ear as I had just been struck by

First Date

WOW!! This month marks 16 years since my first date with Wayne. Let me take you back to 1997… …slow fuzzy flashback dissolve here… … I was living in Oakville with 2 roommates and working in sales for the corporate world. My jewelry business was more of just a side line hobby at this point… Read more »

How are you starting 2013?

There’s a new feeling this month. A chance for change, to break old habits, an opportunity to start something new. This is the excitement that a new year brings to many of us. I would like to show my love and appreciation for this new time by acknowledging the many blessings I received in 2012…. Read more »

My Dad

Today I am writing about my Dad, because I want you all to know what a special man he is. He has been on my mind every hour, every minute and every second of every day, because our family found out, in a very short period of time, that he has bone cancer. In one… Read more »

The Bright Run

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Bright Run, held at the beautiful Dundas Valley Conservation Park.  Lot’s of rain, lots of mud and lots and lots of people!  We had a fantastic morning, all coming out for a great cause! Our Bright Betty zipper pulls sold like crazy and it was so… Read more »

glamjulz in Pakistan

Isn’t it amazing how we usually end up in the right place at the right time? I was participating in a small show in Toronto last month and a beautifully dressed and accessorized woman came over to talk to me.  She was fascinated by and had all kinds of questions about how I came up… Read more »

glamjulz shoot with Terra @ Home

Another one of those super fun days where I’m so HAPPY to do what I do! Lesley Stewart asked me to come in to the Terra@Home studio to talk about bridal jewelry and trends for fall, and they spoiled me. Jenna did my make up (and is she ever good at what she does!) and… Read more »

Friday the 13th in Port Dover

I hope you’re all having an awesome summer and enjoying the heat. Some days have been a little too hot, but I’m happily keeping them in my memory bank for February, when I’m freezing my buns off and praying for that summer sun! Summer has so many great activities to participate in, and this month… Read more »