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A Creative Partnership

  It’s finished and has now hit the Internet… The Official video for The Dyadics new track “Dead and Gone” is the latest feather in the bowler hat of the Pretty Idiot Productions Video Portfolio. My artistically creative husband Wayne

A Great Reason to visit Fenlon Falls

I’m sure there are some of you that spend the summer months cottaging in the beautiful Kawartha’s, perhaps you live there, or maybe you have enjoyed the area as a day trip, as it is only a 2 hour drive from Toronto. If you haven’t been, it’s time to go… and I’ll tell you why!

Annual Mother’s Day Studio Sale!

Only a few more days until Mother’s Day. I love Mother’s Day… and I love my Mom. I love spending time with my Mom, and Mothers Day just gives me another excuse to spoil her! My mom is amazing, and completely selfless. Even now

Buskerfest with Bling on King

Last weekend I had the pleasure of participating in Buskerfest! Our newest customers, Bling on King in Dundas Ontario, invited me to come and meet their clientele and introduce them to … and what a blast I had! The hospitable owners, Kathryn and Neil are very supportive of the Dundas community, and their beautiful store… Read more »

Circle of Happiness!

Okay……I MUST show off a little here!!! Is this not the yummiest necklace you have ever seen???? Honestly I feel joy bubbling up inside of me when I look at these colours.  Every season we design another multi coloured Ten Strand Necklace and I just LOVE them!  One of our customers calls these necklaces the… Read more »

Costume Jewelry vs. Fashion Jewelry

My husband, Wayne said something interesting yesterday.  He said, “It kinda’ bugs me when people refer to our pieces as costume jewelry. They are not for costumes. You don’t see Batman running around wearing … Not that there would be anything wrong with that!” Okay I could only disagree with that statement if I was… Read more »

Curling with August Moon

Last weekend I was invited by Ashley Waye, Owner of August Moon to sell at the Royal Canadian Curling Club in Toronto.  She and her team mates were participating in a “Bonspiel” and wanted to have some great exhibitors there so they could shop between games. Ashley is not only the owner of two beautiful… Read more »

First Date

WOW!! This month marks 16 years since my first date with Wayne. Let me take you back to 1997… …slow fuzzy flashback dissolve here… … I was living in Oakville with 2 roommates and working in sales for the corporate world. My jewelry business was more of just a side line hobby at this point… Read more »

Friday the 13th in Port Dover

I hope you’re all having an awesome summer and enjoying the heat. Some days have been a little too hot, but I’m happily keeping them in my memory bank for February, when I’m freezing my buns off and praying for that summer sun! Summer has so many great activities to participate in, and this month… Read more »


The other week, Dawn and I had the pleasure of participating in Joelle and Jeff’s Annual Fashion Show. This fun and exciting event was