Cycle of Empowerment Bracelet


The Story

This 28 bead bracelet, inspired by sisters and entrepreneurs, Sarah and Trina Turl is hand made in support of the “Maxi Drive” , a campaign they launched to bring local entrepreneurs together to collect funds and period products for the The Period Purse, a National organization that strives to achieve menstrual equity and reduce the stigma surrounding periods.

With every 10 bracelets sold we can provide one person with period products for an entire year.

Everyone needs to have access to these products so that they do not feel ashamed or embarrassed if they can’t afford them. Missing school or work, or having to substitute pads with toilet paper or paper towel should never be an option.

Let’s stop the cycle of hiding, being ashamed, keeping secrets and feeling abnormal. It’s time for a change, a re-birth, new opportunities.  It’s time to start a cycle of empowerment!

Monica XO

This bracelet  is 7.5 inches long and adjustable.

Made with 28 beads.  A combination of gemstones, glass beads and crystals.

Hypo-allergenic and nickel free.