Heart of Glass Bangle Bracelet


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Product Description

This bangle is made from Stainless Steel, hypoallergenic and nickel free.

A gorgeous piece adorned with a hand made glass heart made by Burlington glass artist, Emma Gerard.

Hanging beads and decorative pendant are all made with high quality glass.

When we have sensitive hearts our hearts might break over and over again.  Wear this bangle as a reminder of how kind and loving your heart is, how without your heart of glass you may never have felt love so strong or had the passion to follow your dreams.

In my opinion a heart of glass is the best heart there is.

Monica XO




My glamjulz make me feel like a million bucks! I've always had compliments on every piece I have wear. My experience placing an order on line has been top notch. I hate the waiting - lol. I'm excited when I see the return address on the envelope and more excited and totally satisfied with the outcome! The one and only Monica Graves has always gone above and beyond for me. All of my custom requests have been beautiful. Monica is always up for the challenge and creates exactly what I want!
Carolyne Pasichny, Brampton, Ontario