Secret Garden Necklace


The Story

Now, more than ever we are learning how important it is to support biodiversity. Many plants, including trees and wildflowers, rely on pollinators to reproduce new plants, but pollinator populations are rapidly declining and some face extinction. One way we can do that is by taking action to support pollinators.

Planting a variety of pollinator-supporting native plants not only adds beauty to the landscape, but provides ecosystem services that directly benefit all of us. Studies show that spending time in natural spaces reduces the symptoms of common mental illnesses like depression, and can improve behaviour in children! Bringing nature home truly benefits us all.

We have created this Secret Garden necklace, made with beautiful Czech glass flower beads and a glass butterfly in the center.

The necklace is $45 with shipping included and comes with a glamjulz star made from seed paper by our friends at Custom Embroid and Promos. You can plant the star and it will grow wildflowers for you.

These necklaces also give back in the most beautiful way. $10 from the sale of each necklace will go to Art House in Halton who provides free summer art programs for youth age 7-17 who have little or no access to fee related activities.

With your help we will be donating specifically to their “Canoe Garden Project”! We will donate a previously loved Canoe and I will be personally working with the kids to paint a glamjulz inspired Canoe.

When you make a purchase your name will be painted on to the canoe to show our thanks.

We will also be providing the paints and the funds for native Plants from Kayanase Greenhouses on Six Nations.

Thank you kindly for your love and support.

Monica XO

This necklace is 17 inches long with a 3 inch extender.

Hypo-allergenic and nickel free.