Life Lessons From a Good Friend . . .

If you tuned in to the “Get To Know Her” show on Tuesday you would have heard my interview with my dear friend Nancy McMillan.

As many of you may know,  Nancy is the chair of the Bright Run which is a big walk/run that happens every September to raise money for breast cancer treatment and research with all monies raised going to the Juravinski Cancer Foundation in Hamilton Ontario.

My personal relationship with Nancy is a wonderful friendship but it also has another big perk. (more…)

Mother Nature’s Gifts

These last couple of days I took some advice from a friend and disengaged from social media.  My friend and I were chatting on the phone and she said she could hear in my voice that I was running way too fast and it was time to regenerate.

As soon as the words came out of her mouth I knew she was right.  I also felt, in a way, that I could now give myself permission to unplug with good reason.  She reminded me of how important it is for our overactive minds to rest and generate new ideas.  How creativity expands when we are quiet and we allow ourselves to sit with our thoughts and with nature. (more…)

Why Women Need A Tribe . . .

Any chance I get to reinforce how important it is to have a tribe of powerful women around you, I’ll take it!

When I say tribe, it doesn’t have to be 100!  Even one woman who’s got your back is really great!

You know, it’s tough to navigate through a lot of parts of life.  We have ups and downs and the biggest trap (more…)

The Bubble . . .

There are so many buzz words flying around these days!  Words like, quarantine, pivot, curve, pandemic and my all-time favourite, bubble!

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve heard a lot about the bubble, about expanding the bubble and how big is your bubble?  Well, today I want to focus on (more…)

2020 The Year of the Nurse!

Over the past few months I have been working on an exciting project with the Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario.  (We will be launching this project officially later this week!)

Earlier this year RNFOO contacted me because they were looking for a way to help raise money for nursing scholarships and shine awareness on 2020 being the year of the nurse.  Little did they know at that time that this would be the year the world would need nurses more than ever.

I asked the board members of RNFOO last week if they could please share a story with me about one of their scholarship recipients.  I know how supportive our glamjulz community is, so I thought that before we launch our big project you might like to read a story from a recipient and gain (more…)

Get to Know Her . . .

These days my day to day life is very simple.

Wake up, select a one hour podcast, go for a big walk, come back, get the dog, go for a 20 minute walk with her, make a smoothie, enjoy a morning cup of tea with Wayne, shower and off to the studio.  Get there, work on orders, strategize on my next launch, work on social media, ship orders, go home, pour a glass of wine, cook dinner, sit outside with Wayne if the weather is nice or watch Netflix or keep working at home, and repeat . . .

I don’t have extra time but I do have way more hours in the day that I spend alone, thinking and figuring stuff out.

For the last two years it has been my dream (more…)

The Quarantine Pivot! (sounds like a new dance move)

Wow, are you ever amazing!  You are supporting small business in a big way and I know this because I see how so many of my fellow business owners are flourishing during Covid-19.

The buzz word these days among entrepreneurs is “pivot”.  The question is, how are you going to pivot your business to give your customers what they need during this pandemic? (more…)

Our Neighbourhood Outdoor Art Gallery!

My husband has a little sign at his desk, it says, “Do Less, Be More.”  Today we had a chat about this little sign and he made a good point.  While we are doing less it is important that we be more.

There are some artists in our neighbourhood who are doing just that.  I am guessing these artists are probably between the ages of six and twenty.

In the evening we like to go for our family walk!  Wayne, Boink and I.  We are fortunate to live in an area where there is a wide path and we can safely walk six feet apart from other people.  Along this path is a fence (more…)

The Extraordinary Dr. Bonnie Henry


A months ago I had no idea who Dr. Bonnie Henry was.  In case you need an introduction she is British Columbia’s provincial health officer.

Dr. Henry has been a voice of reason and hope for Canadians, using phrases like be kind, be calm and be safe as we work through this global pandemic.

Dr. Henry was first noticed by many Canadians when she broadcast a video with (more…)

These Are My People!

Remember when you were a kid and you would play for hours, not a care in the world.  You and your friends loved being together as you laughed and played with no concept of time.  You were happy for hours with these people.

Then, as your circle grew, maybe a new little friend joined in who wouldn’t share toys, cried when he or she didn’t get their way or was a voice of gloom and doom, especially when they spoke negatively about your other friends.

Ugggh, remember that kid?  Then you would feel (more…)