Gina Livy Was My Last Hope

In April of 2021 I was feeling physically at my very worst.

My left hip was killing me, I had joint pain in my wrists, to the point where I was wearing wrist guards to bed, my energy had plummeted and yes, I had gained the infamous Covid 19 pounds.

I blamed it on menopause.  I was indulging in cookies and wine for comfort and that was only making it worse, especially my hot flashes and anxiety. I knew I needed to make changes.

The first thing I did was bid farewell to alcohol. Next, as I have done since I was 13 years old, I turned to Weight Watchers.  Within a month I realized this wasn’t working for me.  I couldn’t seem to drop more than a couple of pounds, plus, I was starving!

I resolved to the fact that now that I was over 50 this was my new body.  I was going to have to get used to the extra pounds and the joint pain.  I thought that perhaps this was normal and I was being unreasonable and somewhat vain, trying to feel like I did in my 30s and 40s.

One afternoon while scrolling through Instagram I noticed a friend from high school posting what she was eating and tagging a woman named Gina Livy.  I texted my friend right away to ask her about it.  She said, “Moni, you gotta do this! It’s a game changer.”

I made the commitment and had a good friend join me.  I decided this was my last kick at weight loss and if this didn’t work, I would just accept my 50+ fate!

After signing up and tuning in to Gina’s daily LIVE videos I quickly realized that this was not some predictable diet regimen where I would be starving and depriving myself.  I didn’t know it at the time, but this woman was about to change my relationship with food and my relationship with my body.  Gina Livy was an expert on how the diet industry had ruined me, and she knew how to get me to a place where my body could sustain a healthy weight and support me!

After the first two weeks of joining Gina Livy’s program and watching her daily LIVE videos, I felt like I was hanging out with my new best friend.  A friend who was loving, supportive but also brave enough to tell me the hard stuff I didn’t want to hear and ask questions that required deep thinking and a lot of journaling to answer.

Gina Livy, without knowing me, was raising my consciousness.  I was embarking on a beautiful spiritual quest with someone who genuinely cared.

After the first three months of following her program, I was down 15 pounds, I had never felt hungry or deprived AND I had tons of energy!  I felt amazing. Then, the unthinkable happened.  My period returned after three years of not having it.  Wait a second!  I thought I was in menopause!

I freaked out. I went online before seeing my doctor and panicked at what the diagnosis could be.  She ran tests, I got probed and she wanted to perform an Endometrial scrape which scared the crap out of me.  I knew my doc had to rule out all possibilities of why my period returned but deep down I knew there had to be a reasonable explanation.  Everything I was reading online, assumed the worst if a woman was bleeding past menopause.

A couple of days later, still stressed, I went for my morning walk, and tuned into Gina’s LIVE chat.  Had I tuned in 30 seconds later I would have missed this –  Gina said, “By the way, after a couple of months of feeding your body all of these nutrient rich foods, your hormones will start to balance.  Ladies, don’t be surprised if your period comes back!”

There it was, the message I needed to hear.  I witnessed a miracle, right there in all of that worry and turmoil.  I started to cry, I was so grateful.  I called off the “Endometrial Scrape” , talked to a Gynecologist who confirmed I did not need the procedure and then met with a certified menopause practitioner whose first question was,”Have you changed your diet?”

You know, life really is filled with miracles.  Taking the time to look after ourselves and prioritize our own needs is really important.  Even the smallest steps we take towards truly loving ourselves will award us with rich and happy lives.

One thing I’ve learned in life is when we need healing, the angels show up.

I’m so lucky that Gina is one of my angels!

Monica XO

Tune in On Tuesday March 28th to catch Gina Livy LIVE with me on “Get To Know Them”

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Joanne Fluke

Wow! I am definately tuning in for this. I am currently seeing a Chinese Dr., doing weekly acupuncture and a drink twice a day they make with whatever. It is helping, however still have some pain and a lot of fatigue. Thanks for sharing Monica. XO

Teresa Paul

Moni!!! Are you kidding me!? I can’t believe what I am reading here, and as your girlfriend, I did not even know you were going through and suffering through what you did. My God, we have to catch up! Let’s make some time for us. And yes, Gina is amazing… I am on day. 59 and loving the program. It works and she makes the most sense ever. I love her too. Ok. Let’s make some time for us.

Monica Graves

I love you lady!!! We will catch up soon! We need to go out and eat! Our favourite thing to do! Gina is the BEST!!! I’m so proud of you! XO

Tony An

Such a great share Monica! We are so happy you put your trust in The Livy Method and the amazing results you are experiencing. And those non-scale victories are even better! Congrats and can’t wait to hear your chat with Gina.

Monica Graves

Tony! Thank you! That means so much. The encouragement and love that you guys put into this program is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. It makes the journey a super exciting one!


I echo so much of your journey (not the period again part, at almost 59, that would be FREAKY lol) but the not deprived, the more energy, the SO SO grateful to have found Gina and so grateful for the friend that shared her with me. Cant wait to hear you on the 28th!!

Monica Graves

SueAnn! How awesome! Isn’t it amazing when we can see ourselves in the stories other people share? I’m so happy parts of mine resonated with you. The period by the way was a one time deal! A last Hurrah if you will! Ha ha! I’ll be 54 this year and you’re right, it would be freaky to still have it on the regular! Can’t wait till Tuesday! It means so much that you’ll be able to tune in! XO

Marg Pickrell

“Gina Livy was my last hope”, you took the words right out of my mouth!! Gina, her staff and this amazing community are the best gift I have given to myself! Can’t wait to hear your chat with Gina❤

Monica Graves

Isn’t it wonderful? Gina has created a community of caring, like-minded people who want to live their best lives! We finally found each other! Hooray! I’m looking forward to you tuning in! XO


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