Creating with Art Resin . . .

Trying new things really is the spice of life.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been scrolling through Instagram and becoming more and more intrigued by resin art! The works of art people are making are incredibly unique.

I am obsessed with the idea of creating amusing little worlds inside of the resin itself.  You can make all kinds of objects with anything miniature, really.

I decided last month that I wanted to create personalized tree ornaments with resin.  The little world captured inside would be made up of stars and snowflakes with turquoise and gold glitter to celebrate the upcoming Winter Solstice.

One day while scrolling through YouTube for “How To’s“, I saw my dear friend Joanne Wright from Public School hosting a series of videos on how to use a product called Art Resin.

How timely is that?

I really had no clue about resin.  T the only thing I knew was that it can be toxic to work with.  This was my biggest hesitation about trying the medium.

Well , guess what? Art Resin is non-toxic and the company is Canadian.  How awesome is that?

I promptly ordered my resin, had it in a day and started to experiment.  My first round had lots of bubbles but after watching Joanne’s videos on the Art Resin site, I felt like a pro!

I’m not gonna lie, I also had 24 hour access to Joanne with extra tips ’cause she’s an awesome friend.

If you’re interested in purchasing my ornaments, I’m taking orders until December 1st.

May your Winter Solstice be a beautiful celebration of love, gratitude, new opportunities and lots of sparkle.

Monica xo

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