Julie Rock’s Story . . .

March 2020 is a month that most of us will remember for the rest of our lives.  We will share the stories of our experiences with generations to come.

For Julie Rock it was a month that changed her life forever.

She had to close her photography business and her commercial studio.  In that same week she heard words from her doctor she never imagined she would hear.

She was diagnosed with Stage Two breast cancer.  Nine days later she was in surgery.

Julie’s thoughts immediately went to her five kids – two of whom are now young adults while the youngest three were 6, 9 & 10 at that time.

Due to Covid Julie had to attend many of her appointments on her own, with no emotional support. Julie’s husband and/or her Mom had to wait outside the hospital for her.

From June to October 2020, Julie endured 16 chemotherapy treatments, did 16 radiation sessions in November/December and continued with immunotherapy until August 2021. Because of  treatment, she also ended up with heart complications and had an oncology cardiologist added to her medical team.

She had yet another surgery in August 2021 and was then declared in remission!

Julie and her entire family had made it through a gruelling 17 months.  They decided to celebrate with family & friends and throw an “I kicked cancer’s ass” party.

Fast forward one year, Julie was working on healing and strengthening her body while getting back to work full time.

In August 2022, just when she was getting ready to celebrate her one year of being in remission and just 4 days before she and her family were to leave for a long awaited trip to PEI, she ended up in the ER. Julie had been experiencing some concerning symptoms and her medical team recommended she go to the hospital to investigate further.

Julie wasn’t surprised when she was told that they had discovered a lesion on her brain. She just KNEW that there was something wrong.

A week later Julie was having brain surgery followed by 5 brain radiation sessions.

Julie and her family are focused on the positives right now.  Their mindset is not to worry. Their focus is to enjoy each day while meeting the challenges that the day may bring.

Our wish for Julie is to help her to cover some of her medical expenses and raise enough money to give Julie’s family a beautiful Christmas with gifts for all of their children.

Thank you so much Julie Rock for sharing your story and for being this year’s Three Little Wishes family.

The glamjulz community is here to support you in any way that we can.

Monica XO

Dear friends, with your help, we are able to make a huge difference in the lives of families suffering from the financial burdens of cancer.  Please consider our 2021 Three Little Wishes Bracelet as part of your gift giving this holiday season.  Click HERE to order now.


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