My First MasterClass

Last Saturday I was the lucky one!  Look at all these women who joined me for my first MasterClass!  They made three beautiful pieces of jewelry and gave each piece a word that meant something to them for 2024.

Whenever they wear their julz, they will think of the words and keep the intention they promised themselves for this year.

To get them into the “Creative Flow” I started the class off with an meditation.  I ended up writing my own meditation and making it a fairy tale, to help them escape their day to day thoughts and worries.

A few of these lovely ladies have asked me for a copy of the meditation so I thought I would do up this quick blog so you can access it here anytime.  Here it goes –

Close your eyes

Today we are grateful to be sitting among
friends, some friends we know and some
new friends.

We have all gathered today to allow the
little girl inside of us to come out and play.
We can leave your worries and our troubles
outside of the door and give ourselves
permission to experience joy and let our
imaginations guide us to create beautiful and meaningful

In a moment we will take three deep breaths. We will breath
in through our nose, hold it for three seconds and blow out
through our mouths. This technique helps to calm and relax
the vegas nerve, the main nerve of your parasympathetic
nervous system, this nerve runs from your brainstem all he
way down to your abdomen.

Let’s begin –

I would like you now to visualize three colours, one at a time
and really pay attention to how these colours make you feel
as I describe them.

Imagine you are getting ready to go for a walk on a beautiful
warm sunny day. You put on your favourite pink lip gloss
and it feels smooth and moisturizing on your lips. You pop a
piece of double bubble into your mouth and put on your
new pink running shoes, they are so pretty, you especially
love that you replaced the original laces with soft pink silky
ribbons. Along your walk you pass a shopping mall, they are
having a fair and you see the big Ferris Wheel with shiny pink
bucket seats, you just have to go in and hop on for a ride.
As you walk into the fair you hear children laughing and
screaming with delight. You feel the same way. Suddenly
you are distracted by the sweet smell of cotton candy. You
order a large pink cotton candy on a stick and you pick it off
piece by piece, allowing the delicious sweet furry substance
to melt on your tongue.

As you make your way over to the Ferris Wheel you run into
your best girl friend. What are the chances? She’s also out
for a walk and has decided to check out the fair. You admire
how she looks. She’s wearing a turquoise T-Shirt that says
“save the whales” and a baseball cap to match with a
Turquoise Whale patch that is glittering as it catches the

You invite your friend to come for a ride on the Ferris Wheel
with you and the two of you head over, sharing your cotton
candy as you walk. You hop on the Ferris Wheel and as it
turns you get closer and closer to the sky. When it reaches
the top it stops and the two of you look up at the sky

The sky takes your breath away, the colour is different today.
It looks turquoise, like the ocean and you take it as a sign.
You’ve both been longing for some girl time, a relaxing
holiday where you can lay on a beach and wade into the
warm salt water giving your body the rest and rejuvenation
that it needs.

Keeping your eyes up at the sky, you dream about your trip
and all the magical places you could go. A white puffy cloud
passes over you and you both say YUM as it looks like a
giant vanilla ice cream cone. As the Ferris wheel takes you
down you both decide their is one last thing you must do at
the fair.

You noticed a ring a bottle booth where you could win a
fluffy white stuffed rabbit. As rabbits are a sign of good luck
you just know that this is something you want to win. The
two of you are given white plastic rings to throw on the
bottles and just like when you were kids, you have mastered
the game and each walk away with your own fluffy white

Walking around the fair together hugging your soft and fluffy
white rabbits you find yourself in deep conversation. You’re
talking about life and the angels that surround you. Those
who have passed and how much you love and miss them.
Your friend gives you light and energy every time you are
together and you do he same for her. You know this is a
true friendship because you both feel safe and loved.

Today as you put your beautiful energy into jewelry making, I
want you to think of three words that come to mind as you
look at the beads in front of you.

What three words are the most important for you as you
head into 2024?

These words will stay with you as you wear your julz. You
can wear them as touchstone piece to remind you of what
your intentions are for 2024.

They will centre you and guide you to have a wonderful year

Let’s take three more breaths together again to close off this


Open Your Eyes

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