Are Your Wings Still Intact?

In recent weeks I have felt like a social butterfly once again.  For a while there I was a little freaked out that I had lost her all together.  Eighteen months of keeping to myself in my little network that included Wayne and my Mom has actually felt normal and enjoyable because we all really like spending time together.  As long as they were okay, so was I.  Day to day life was all about keeping safe.  I didn’t really consider what was happening to my mental health by not socializing outside of my sacred little bubble.

It’s not just me who has felt this way, you have too, I’m sure!  It’s been nice to get out there again and enjoy people and also to see my husband and my Mom doing the same.

Earlier this month I was invited to a beautiful cottage for a retreat with ten other women.  I didn’t know any of them and had really only got to know the host online over Covid because we had done a fundraising project together and she had been a guest on Get To Know Her.  When she invited me my YES came out a lot faster than I expected.  My soul obviously wanted this experience BAD!

The adventure of going somewhere I had never been before, meeting ten inspiring women, a lot of them entrepreneurs, was the magical gathering I had been longing for.  When I arrived on Friday I did not feel nervous. After a beautiful drive, cruising along Georgian Bay at sunset with my Yacht Rock playlist, I was ready to meet the ladies!  I had barely put down my overnight bag when I was greeted by one of the women with a big smile and a hug.  The first words out of her mouth were, “Can I get you a glass of wine, Monica?”.  I had already made a friend.

Since a lot of us ladies had seen each other online, we all felt so comfortable together.  I received one hug after another from each of them.  We had a great time, we ate, we drank wine and the volume in the room got louder and louder as the evening progressed.   We were a powerful group of strong, driven, hard working women, out on the loose, releasing so much pent up frustration from the pandemic and the isolation we had all experienced in our own way.

The weekend continued with the most incredible “Vision Board’ workshop held by Kirsten Frey, A Transitional Life Coach from Burlington Ontario.  I’ve done these types of workshops before but this one was different, we went deep.  Kirsten walked us through our hopes, our dreams and some of the things that might be holding us back from achieving them.  We spent Saturday morning discussing  and documenting our visions for ourselves and zoning in on the obstacles that were standing in our way of achieving them.  She helped us to open up our minds with a beautiful meditation exercise and then we allowed our desires to unfold as we created our beautiful vision boards.

The weather was gorgeous, we worked outside and drank in a sunny 20 degree day on October 2nd!  As things wound down and we finished our boards, the Georgian Bay water was calling me!  I knew it was going to be cold but I had to go in!

I don’t know about you but I’m starting to see little changes in myself after having spent so much time alone since the pandemic.  It’s like there’s an old version of me and a new one.  I recognize the changes in the most subtle ways.

When I decided I wanted to swim I knew that the old me would have tried to gather up the troops, ask all the ladies to join me, even dare them if they were hesitant, trying desperately to convince them of how good they would feel!  The new me didn’t do that.  I quietly went off to my bedroom, changed into my bathing suit, grabbed my towel and slowly walked into the cold water. I realized in that moment how much I have come to value my own company.  I was able to allow myself to take a moment to experience something joyful alone. Then after my initial swim I was joined by one of the ladies as well as our host and the three of us enjoyed the water together.

I came home feeling like my old/new self!  I had a weekend filled with adventures, meeting strong women and relishing the quality time, spent by myself.  What a gift!

What’s changed for you over the course of the pandemic?  What has the new version of you discovered about herself?

Please leave your comments below, I’d love to hear all about it.

Monica XO

Want the Inside Scoop?

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Will I see you there?


Kirsten Frey

This is so beautifully descriptive, Monica.
Thank you for sharing your insights into our weekend and I’ll be forever grateful we finally got to meet in person!


I can truly relate to the old/new me. I used to love being out and doing things and always being busy but over the past couple of years I truly love my quiet time and not being on the run at all times. I truly relish working 1 on 1 with clients and spending quality time with close friends and family.


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