Life Lessons I Learned From My Dog

Oh my goodness everyone.  It’s been a tough three months at our house.  As you know, our sweet baby girl Boink was diagnosed with lymphoma in April and went to heaven to be with her Opa last week.

So many of you have been through this pain yourselves and the outpouring of condolences, beautiful poems and your own personal memories of our girl is something we will always treasure.

I learned so much about life from our perfect little baby dog.

She taught me to – (more…)

Are You Ready For This?

Right now my Instagram and Facebook is flooded with friends showing off their second vax Band-Aid!  Some of them actually cried when they received the second shot.  They were tears of relief as a clear vision of a brighter tomorrow came over them like a tidal wave.

My question to you is, are you ready for this?

There are certain new (more…)

Love Is Love

Walking around the neighbourhood this month I’ve seen the most beautiful PRIDE flags on people’s lawns.  I noticed new colours on them in the shape of an arrowhead.  I had no clue what the new colours were about or why the flag had changed.

I decided to “Google” it of course and learned that this flag was created back in 2018.  Why did I not know about this?  Surprisingly enough, (more…)

A Special Message From Boink . . .

Hi to all of my friends!

I asked my Mom if I could write this blog for her because it’s all about me!

A little while ago my Mommy and Daddy found out that I have something called Lymphoma.  I’m twelve years old now so I decided (more…)

Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

First of all!  Happy Victoria Day everyone!

This warm weather has got me thinking about everything there is to look forward to!  Swimming, bonfires, long walks, big bike rides and eating outside!

There’s only one problem with all of this.

I’ve been aching.  My joints hurt, I get out of breath so fast and I have a belly that I’ve never had before.

I’ve got one word for you – MENOPAUSE !

Somehow I thought I could bypass it, like it (more…)

Heartbreaking Pandemic Business Closure

Meet my friend Diane and her furry kids, Luca and Angel.

Last month Diane reached out to her friend Julita Wieczorek. She wanted to touch base and see how she was doing. Julita  is the owner and founder of Our Angels – Dog Rescue where Diane and her husband rescued their beautiful dogs. When Diane finally connected with her friend Julita, this is what she told her:

“Diane, I have had to close down my dog rescue, because of Covid.  I had many dogs trapped in boarding, all of them fully vetted. Sadly, after a few weeks I had to send them to local rescues for free. This decision left me with huge vet and boarding bills. I had to take out a private loan which I am sadly still paying.  I’ve been running my rescue for eleven years and there have been so many personal losses. “ (more…)

Hanging On To The Little Things

So, today I just happen to be as excited as a teenage girl in 1984!  This coming Tuesday I am interviewing Sandy Horne, bass player for The Spoons whom I absolutely adored in high school.

All of the excitement got me thinking about that fifteen year old girl and the things she treasured.  I decided to do a little dive into my time capsule of items I keep close to me and thought I’d tell you (more…)

Is The Wine Still Making You Feel Fine?

I have always loved wine.  I grew up on wine.  My Dad was a winemaker, practicing his craft every evening in the basement.  The whole family had to taste the wine and give our opinion.  Some people drive to Niagara on the Lake for a wine tasting tour.  We got to enjoy tasting different wines in our own home.

Drinking wine in our family has always been about people gathering, lots of laughs and sharing stories.  It’s something I’ve grown to enjoy when I’m celebrating, in a good mood or when I want a treat for a week of hard work.

Since the pandemic my relationship with wine has (more…)

Blessings for Brooke

Three years ago my friend Kristee Lyle Aubin was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Two of her biggest supporters during this challenging time were her neighbours, Brooke Maslink and her husband Ryan.

This lovely couple left Kristee’s neighbourhood to move somewhere quieter to raise a family.. It was such a loss for Kristee.  She and her husband had never had luck with neighbours in this particular house and they were so happy to have Brooke and Ryan there.

Kristee knew they would always keep in touch but no longer having them as neighbours left a void in her life.

Last month Kristee received the most heartbreaking news about (more…)

Only The Lonely . . .

Another holiday weekend has passed us by and although we may have created some wonderful new memories, many of us are longing for the way things used to be.

The pandemic has become an emotional roller coaster ride in so many ways.  On one hand, the slower pace of life can be a welcome gift but all of the self-reflection and isolation from (more…)