51 And Still Having Fun!

Over the weekend I celebrated my 51st birthday.  I do love getting older, staying young at heart and feeling good in my own skin is so important to me.

Unfortunately there are so many negative messages out there about getting older.  People put themselves down in horrible ways, saying things like (more…)

The Planets Align So Rare . . .

The last five months have been stressful for all of us.  For me, one of my biggest areas of stress has been keeping six feet away from my Mom and only visiting at her condo, outside on the patio.  Don’t get me wrong, I have felt so grateful for at least being able to do that.  I know many of you haven’t even seen your “senior” parents since the pandemic started.

Counting back two weeks ago since mandatory masks were put in place, I have felt a lot safer about “bubbling” with my Mom.

This weekend was big (more…)

30 Years Ago, This Weekend . . .

This weekend, 30 years ago, I was flying on a big ol’ jet airliner with my best friend Sally.

We were coming home after three months of what  would be the best trip of our lives.  Sal was 19, I was 20 and we had embarked on our biggest adventure to date.

Allow me to digress, in January of 1990 I returned from four months in Germany with my family and Sally returned from months spent with her family in England.

The year before Sally was fresh out of high school and I already had a year of working under my belt.  At the time, University did not appeal to either of us, we were both determined to travel and see the world.  After Sal came back from England and I returned from Germany she said, (more…)

How To Exercise Your Wonder Woman Mindset . . .

Okay, tell me something, honestly.  Do you ever wake up, get showered and ready for the day and as you are drying your back imagine that your towel is a cape?  Might sound childish but you need to try it!

It’s just one of the many ways you can start your day with a Wonder Woman mindset.

To me, this mindset means (more…)

My Bike + A Storm = Pure Joy!

Last weekend one of my girlfriends called me up.  She said it was time for a physically distanced visit at her place.  I agreed, I couldn’t wait to sit in her garden, sip a glass of wine and talk face to face, IRL as the kids are saying today!

I texted her that I would ride my bike over for the occasion!  She advised me to take my time because of the sweltering heat.  I was okay with the heat, plus – any excuse to ride my bike, I’ll take it.  I love my bike so much, the best thing I ever (more…)

Life Lessons From a Good Friend . . .

If you tuned in to the “Get To Know Her” show on Tuesday you would have heard my interview with my dear friend Nancy McMillan.

As many of you may know,  Nancy is the chair of the Bright Run which is a big walk/run that happens every September to raise money for breast cancer treatment and research with all monies raised going to the Juravinski Cancer Foundation in Hamilton Ontario.

My personal relationship with Nancy is a wonderful friendship but it also has another big perk. (more…)

Mother Nature’s Gifts

These last couple of days I took some advice from a friend and disengaged from social media.  My friend and I were chatting on the phone and she said she could hear in my voice that I was running way too fast and it was time to regenerate.

As soon as the words came out of her mouth I knew she was right.  I also felt, in a way, that I could now give myself permission to unplug with good reason.  She reminded me of how important it is for our overactive minds to rest and generate new ideas.  How creativity expands when we are quiet and we allow ourselves to sit with our thoughts and with nature. (more…)

Why Women Need A Tribe . . .

Any chance I get to reinforce how important it is to have a tribe of powerful women around you, I’ll take it!

When I say tribe, it doesn’t have to be 100!  Even one woman who’s got your back is really great!

You know, it’s tough to navigate through a lot of parts of life.  We have ups and downs and the biggest trap (more…)

The Bubble . . .

There are so many buzz words flying around these days!  Words like, quarantine, pivot, curve, pandemic and my all-time favourite, bubble!

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve heard a lot about the bubble, about expanding the bubble and how big is your bubble?  Well, today I want to focus on (more…)

2020 The Year of the Nurse!

Over the past few months I have been working on an exciting project with the Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario.  (We will be launching this project officially later this week!)

Earlier this year RNFOO contacted me because they were looking for a way to help raise money for nursing scholarships and shine awareness on 2020 being the year of the nurse.  Little did they know at that time that this would be the year the world would need nurses more than ever.

I asked the board members of RNFOO last week if they could please share a story with me about one of their scholarship recipients.  I know how supportive our glamjulz community is, so I thought that before we launch our big project you might like to read a story from a recipient and gain (more…)