Wasn’t That a Party

I have to admit it.  With the colder weather coming I am starting to get a little panicky about spending quality time with friends.  Zoom parties were somewhat of a novelty back in March but now I’m kind of dreading going back to that.   It’s been so wonderful to have safe physically distanced visits with friends outside in the beautiful summer weather.

Our first test for getting together in chillier weather happened this weekend when we were invited to a party.

What kind of party?  A bush party!

Remember those?

I couldn’t help but think of high school, of course, and the many bush parties my friends and I used to go to.  It was often at this time of year, in a secret location, ha ha!  We would ride our bikes to a perfect spot in the woods and meet friends to sit around and drink beer or maybe some jungle juice we had concocted from the alcohol we snuck out of our parent’s liquor cabinet.  We would sit on logs or stand, laugh, enjoy nature and be so deep in the woods, we were sure no one would find us.  Someone usually had a guitar and that was the musical entertainment for the night.  Of course, there were no cell phones then, so the only way you could find out about the secret location of the bush party was if you got a note passed to you in the classroom the week before.  That was the official invite.  The party would go on into the wee hours of the morning, sometimes we would even watch the sky start to lighten up as the fire dwindled down to ashes.

Fast forward to this physically distanced, 2020 Bush Party, it was just as much fun with a few differences.  We drove to the party, sat in comfy camping chairs with drink holders, brought extra blankets, our drinks were organized with a bag of ice and neatly packed in a cooler with snacks to enjoy just in case we got hungry.  The 80’s music was pumping from a blue tooth speaker.  Our friends sat on one side of the fire, us on the other and we reminisced about the good old days and how great it was that we still had the desire to enjoy a good ol’ bush party!  The party wrapped up at about 11 and our friends were responsibly prepared with gallons of water to properly put out the fire and ensure there were no glowing embers left.

Times may have changed but I think that during this pandemic we can learn a lot from our teenage selves.  Our adventurous spirit and big imagination can help us to still spend time together in a safe way, despite this virus.

Take good care of your mental health by surrounding yourself with the people who bring joy to your life.

Honestly, I think all we really need to make it happen is a few extra layers.

See you around the fire!

Monica XO

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