51 And Still Having Fun!

Over the weekend I celebrated my 51st birthday.  I do love getting older, staying young at heart and feeling good in my own skin is so important to me.

Unfortunately there are so many negative messages out there about getting older.  People put themselves down in horrible ways, saying things like; “look at all these wrinkles”, “I’m too old for that”,  “I can’t remember anything anymore”, “I have to cover up my turkey neck”, “look at this thinning grey hair”.

You know what I say to all of that?  LIES!

Let’s get our minds full of the good things about getting older.  Things like, having more compassion, having great stories to share, having wisdom to impose on the younger generation, having the opportunity to fulfill our dreams.

Listen, all of us need to feel proud and grateful and really honour our bodies and take good care of them, we can feel good physically and mentally every day.

I love to stay youthful by indulging in all of the things that brought me joy as a kid and also sharing those experiences with friends.  This is exactly what happened on my birthday last year.

I am hugely grateful that I had my 50th birthday in 2019 when we could still get together in crowds.  Wayne organized my big day and he made it an 80’s themed celebration.  All of my friends from public school and high school were there.  What a magical night!  Guests arrived dressed in their finest 80’s outfits, Wayne was the DJ, a disco ball and neon lights sparkled all night long and I witnessed the back room of my studio transform into a high school dance party!

The party was epic and all I have to do is reflect on that night and I’m instantly so happy.  It was such a gift to watch all of my friends eating pizza and donuts and dancing up a storm, we even had a friend bring his Pontiac Fiero.  All of the girls took turns laying across it, doing their best “Tawny Kitaen” impression, we even had a giant rock star fan that blew through their hair!   Everyone had a great night.

Birthday celebrations are much different in 2020.  These times are hard but we have to make the most of them.  We can reflect back on so many wonderful days, parties, and experiences and know that we will get to do them all again one day.

Hang in there friends and for goodness sakes, no matter how old you are, please know what a tremendous gift you are to this world.

You have not expired, if anything you are like a fine wine and you keep on getting better with age!

Monica XO

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that was an epic party! and your outfit was to die for! totally felt like high school with my brother there too.
I feel like the key to youthfulness, in addition to keeping active, eating your veggies and drinking tons of water is being touch with that inner child. It’s an age old saying but the older I get, the more true it is. I access that feeling everytime I ride my bike or dance to a good 80’s tune. I will indulgently wear my 80’s reebok running shoes with slouch socks or tear a tshirt so I can wear it off one shoulder. Move that body, keep the energy flowing, access that inner child and have really great belly laughs with good friends….alone is also good. I’ve been known to crack myself up once or twice. Covid drove me to it…my cats totally judged me.

Monica Graves

Catherine! It was soooo epic! I just love you and your little brother! 😉 The inner child is where it’s at! I’ll bet Griffi doesn’t judge! Ha ha! Love you my friend XO


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