I Can Do It Outside . . .

Last weekend the weather was spectacular!

We were up at the cottage and I had a lot of work to do!  September is always a busy month but it’s also the month where we can have the most beautiful weather and we know deep down inside it might be our last chance to enjoy whatever is left of summer.

I feel like I sound somewhat entitled when I say this, but here is the truth

Having my own business allows me the flexibility to work somewhat remotely.  I can take Thursday – Monday weekends at the cottage and work while I’m up there.

I remember the days when I worked a corporate 9-5 job and longed for a life where I could work wherever I wanted.  Well, that day is here.

But . . .

When it’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m working inside the cottage, I feel resentful because I want to go play outside.  Isn’t that ridiculous?

Last weekend I said , the heck with this, girl, if you can work wherever you want,  then move that office outside!  Wayne hooked me up with a nice long extension cord, I took the loveseat from the porch, grabbed a side table for piles of paper and snacks, a folding table for my laptop and I worked away, sans resentment!

The bike was close by too because after a four hour shift of working in my outdoor office I needed a quick ride to clear my head and a plunge in the lake!  Yes, a lake that was about 17 degrees Celsius at the most!  Oh yeah, HERE is the video to prove it!

I felt powerful, invigorated and a realization came over me.  It was imperative that I hold this feeling for the next nine months until I can do it all again.  As the weather gets colder I have made a promise to myself to do the things that make me feel the blood circulating through my veins and remind me that I am ALIVE!

I’m all for getting cozy and hibernating but I refuse to give up on my vitality!

This is going to be a fall/winter spent in my favourite place, with nature.

Monica XO

PS – What, you don’t have a mask chain?  Have no fear, you can be safe and stylish just by clicking HERE!

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I love it Monica! This is such a great time of year and perhap the sweetest as we know nature is starting to tuck itself in for the winter, but we aren’t! I had a sauna last night and took three plunges into my deliciously cold lake last night. It made me feel so alive! I slept like a baby. The scandanvians are onto something. Nature is the healer. Winter is around the corner and with that will come new wonderments of nature like a good storm, a walk in the snow, the warm feeling of the sun on a cold day, or snow angels with a drunk friend up north…..yes we’ve been there Monica! There’s always a great opportunity to feel alive in any season. How about taking your dog for a walk during that conference with your ear buds……It’s better than your desk. Where there is a will there is a way.


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