Gregor & Tara’s Story . . .

Meet Gregor Leithead and Tara MacIntosh – a husband and wife team who tackle everything
together with vigor.

When the Covid-19 restrictions came into effect in March 2020, they
thought that temporary job loss and isolation would be the biggest challenges they would have to overcome this year. It turned out that was far from the truth.

On June 26, 2020, the day started with incredible promise. They had just confirmed the news that they would become parents for the first time. And, parents to twins! It was news far beyond their expectations and so welcome in a year full of challenges and disappointments.

Later that afternoon, Gregor went to the hospital for some testing. He had been experiencing difficulty eating through the Covid-19 lockdown and, as a result, lost 40 lbs in 3 months. As soon as the Emergency Rooms opened, he requested various tests to discover the problem.

Tara waited for him to return from the ER, anticipating an evening of celebration. He walked in the house stone-faced and simply said, “It’s cancer” Time stood still, and life would never be the same. As they sat on the couch with tears streaming, they thought, “Where do we go from here?”

The next few months went by simultaneously with lightning speed and as slow as molasses.

The appointments to pinpoint Gregor’s specific type of esophageal cancer and the tumor’s size began. The cancerous tumor sat at the base of his esophagus and had spread to two lymph nodes of concern. To prepare for radiation and chemotherapy, Gregor underwent surgery to have a jejunal feeding tube inserted into his intestine to help give his strength for treatment.

Subsequently, chemotherapy and daily radiation treatments began and lasted for five weeks.

The challenge of Covid-19 was a constant as the hospital visits happened solo for both Tara and the growing twins and Gregor. They would support each other by driving together and sitting in a parked car,
waiting for the other to emerge. It was little comfort, but it was the best they could through the pandemic restrictions.

Family and friends were a huge part of this journey for the couple. The sweetest porch drop-offs frequently arrived along with messages and calls to both entertain and support. It was a reminder that there are angels on earth that didn’t hesitate for a minute to come to their side when their world stopped.

Gregor is now waiting for the results of the treatments and the surgery date to remove his tumor. With the twins due to arrive in February 2021, the family is hopeful to have surgery complete by the end of this year, and Gregor to be in recovery ready to welcome their new babies.

Thank you to both of you for sharing your story and for being this year’s Three Little Wishes family.  The glamjulz community is here to support you in any way that we can.

Monica XO

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Tara MacIntosh

We are so honoured to be the The Little Wishes family after this incredibly difficult year. We appreciate and are humbled by all the love and support that continues to flow our way. xo

Judy Rickey

I had no idea Tara but I am happy for the arrival of your twins and that Gregor’s treatments will hopefully be done by then. I know there is still a road to recovery after so hoping you have a big support system. Take care

Sid Hardy

Tara & Gregor we think about you guys often, hoping and praying that all goes well for both. Stay strong and safe, and we’ll keep you both in our thoughts and prayers.

Kerstin Stiebel

Tara – I am so sorry to hear about Gregor – I am so happy and excited for you and Gregor and that you are expecting twins! You and Gregor (and the twins) will be in my thoughts and prayers all the way from Cayman…stay strong! xo

Barb Huston Leduc

What can we say, what can we do? Distance separates us however you, Gregor & those precious babes are in our thoughts & prayers at this delicate time.
I was thrilled to hear you are expecting twins “congratulations” to you both. Please stay strong, stay positive!


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