Meeting with a Bride in the Florida Keys!

Talk about fun!  Here I am meeting with a bride to be.  Rachel, owner of the White Sands Inn in Marathon, Florida.  Right in the heart of the Florida Keys.

We are creating a beautiful multi-strand crystal a pearl necklace for Rachel and then we are leaving space on the necklace where she is going to hang shells that she had collected over the years.  I can’t wait to see Rachel on our Bridal page!  What a great idea!

I returned from Florida last week and it’s great to be back.  Spring is here and we could feel the excitement of it last week as brides were coming in one after the other to get their julz for their special day.

Thanks to all of you brides for including us in your wedding plans!  We love to add the sparkle to your special day!

Southern Most Corner Office

Hey what do you think of this?  My brand new corner office on the most southern point of North America!  That’s right!  Key West.  Okay so this is a slight exaggeration……not really my new corner office but I could not resist taking a picture.  I have been in glorious Florida for over a week now.  Proving to myself that anything and everything is possible. 

Over the years I have personally contemplated participating in big trade shows here in the US to promote glamjulz.  Maybe an opportunity in the future, but right now the idea just does not sit well with me. 

This is where my brain is at:

Hey, instead of paying thousands of dollars on a trade show and sitting inside a stuffy conference room with no windows why not do something completely different!  I know……I will do some research on-line…find some cool stores, make appointments and drive across Florida showing my julz! 

OMG!!! It worked….. 5 days later, a fantastic sun-tan and lots of sightseeing squeezed in, I have picked up stores from Tampa to Key West all for about 1/10 of the cost of participating in a trade show….I hate to brag but I feel pretty brilliant right now as I am entering my blog, sipping on a Pina Colada,  intoxicated by the atlantic blue ocean(or maybe that’s the Pina Colada) and looking forward to tomorrow morning’s appointment in Key West! 

Ahhhhhh…isn’t life amazing when we think outside of the box?

Old Friends

There is nothing quite like an old friend.  The ones that you have known since you were a child.  Here I am with two of my oldest friends up in the Muskoka’s.  Katherine in the middle and Dawn on the far right.  I am so fortunate to have these two special girls in my life.  All three of us are powerfully succeeding in our New Year’s resolutions.  Katherine and I power walk every morning at 6:30am, rain or shine! We are out there becoming one with the elements!  Dawn and I are totally committed to Hot Yoga and learning how to train our bodies and minds to be at their optimum potential.  I am so proud of the three of us!

We can all do it!  Just get out there and have some fun!

Thank goodness for Yoga!

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that you are all inspired and ready to hit 2010 with a bang!  I love this time of year….making my resolutions and feeling the power that I have to achieve the goals that I set for myself.  It’s quite amazing.

I have noticed in the last year, turning 40 probably has a lot to do with it, I am not as keen on “the gym” anymore.  The flourescent lights, the noise and rigorous exercise just don’t have the same appeal to me as they once did.

I have a couple of dear friends that have encouraged me to try Yoga and I always rejected the idea thinking that it was not “challenging” enough for me.  Was I wrong?  Oh yeah!  This evening I participated in my 3rd Hot Yoga class here in Burlington at Moksha Yoga.  Wow! Wow! Wow!  I get it now.  My body feels amazing, my limbs feel lengthened, and any back pain I had seems to have magically gone away.  If feel light as a feather and stress free, I even feel like I am looking at life from a different angle because my brain is so well rested from the wonderful breathing exercises.

Now I get why men and women of all ages are flocking to hot yoga.  I think it’s going to make the world a better place.


Swarovski Starz!

Wow!  glamjulz fans are the BEST!  We raised $3,000 for children’s toys this year!  You all got on board and bought these earrings for yourself and your loved ones and we are so thankful!  I knew that these would be a big hit as soon as my hubby, Wayne, came up with the design!  He was right, “Stars are cool and can be enjoyed all year round, not just for Christmas!” He truly amazes me, the guy really does know what women want!

Wayne and I really enjoyed the whole process, launching the Starz and then getting the amazing response from all of you.  Buying the toys was so wonderful.  We were able to buy some really great things like, an acoustic guitar, Monoply, Scrabble, an Easy Bake oven, the list goes on and on….we also took some of the money to sponsor two families for Christmas and make sure that their children had toys too!

Wayne and I are both very passionate about Children and Teens in need receiving gifts for Christmas.  It is important to us that we take the time to give them as much as we can.  We are so lucky to have supportive families and friends and a full schedule over the holidays surrounded by people we love exchanging wonderful gifts.  Everyone deserves that good feeling.  This seems to be the time of year that we can do it. We hope that in doing so we will provide hope and the opportunity for a great future for these kids.

We never could have done it with all of you.  Thank you for all of your support!  We have the best customers on the planet!

35th Annual One of A Kind Show!

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of the friends, family and fans that came out to support us at the Christmas One of A Kind Show.

It was so wonderful to see you all.  The show was a fun filled 11 days.  It was so great to connect with all of you and get your positive feedback on our new designs and colours for the season.

I will now be back in the studio taking calls and answering emails to fulfill all of your Christmas requests!

I am so grateful for the wonderful show that we had, thank you for loving glamjulz and making all of this success possible!

Support your local retailers!

I think we are so fortunate to live in Canada for many reasons!  I am so impressed by Canadians and the way we buy.  We are all making such an effort to buy locally and support our neighbourhood retailers.

Small town Ontario is thriving again, and although some took a hit this year on the whole I have noticed all of the wonderful retailers that buy from us are increasing their orders and selling boat loads of sparkly julz!

What an amazing feeling it is to be supported by all of you.  Its so rewarding to see the julz disappear off of the shelves!  Wow!  Just fantastic!

I have shown a picture here of a beautiful store in dowtown Paris, Ontario called The Cheshire Cat.  Irene is the owner and she is just wonderful to work with.  She looks gorgeous everytime I go in to visit her and her store is so beautifully merchandised.  She really takes pride in all of the beautiful jewelry and gifts that she showcases from talented artists and suppliers over the world.  It is such an honour as a Canadian designer to be represented so well. Did you see all those shelves with glamjulz???? Irene is just amazing!

Enjoy shopping in your neighbourhood boutiques!  Oh and by the way if glamjulz is not carried at your favourite store, please let me know!  Everyone needs glamjulz!Cheshire Cat

Strawberry Threads Grand Opening!

Strawberry ThreadsLukas Rossi

What a perfect day Saturday October 17th was!

I had the pleasure of celebrating the Grand Opening of Strawberry Threads in Uxbridge with Sara and Julie, the owners of this beautiful store!  These girls are wonderful people, if you want to be made to feel like you are the most special person on the planet I suggest you shop their.  The girls have a real commitment to showing their appreciation to their customers ALL the time.  Not only are they experts at it but they have taught their staff the same business philosophy and they are all a pleasure to be around too!

These girls are living proof that when you treat people well, with kindness, appreciation and respect it all comes back to you!  When I am in their store I feel like I have walked into their home.  There are people of all ages shopping, I have seen women come into the store that have worked and lived in Uxbridge their whole lives and admit to these sassy girls that they want to update their look but don’t know how.  That’s when Sophie, their amazing in store stylist steps in and makes the transformation happen.  These women walk out feeling so wonderful about themselves and seem to instantly develop their own unique style.  I think that’s what really makes Sara and Julie so special.  They are not all about following what we see in magazines, they are about showing women how to express the true essence of who they are.  That is a wonderful gift to be able to give someone.

Sara and Julie are also huge fans of music!  All types of music, their store is always bopping with great tunes!  The two girls are also huge fans, great supporters and great friends with Lukas Rossi winner of Rockstar Supernova.  What an amazing finale to the Grand Opening!  Lukas was there and sang his heart out for Uxbridge!  What an amazing thing to see!  The girls deserved it all!  The day was perfect and they made me feel like a rockstar too!  glamjulz were flying out of the store all day and all of their customers were so supportive!

If you have never been to Uxbridge I suggest you go.  Meet the girls and enjoy a relaxing visit to the Tin Cup, on the lower level of their store where you can enjoy a delicious smoothie, coffee or a Chai Latte.  The chicken and brie sandwich is also to die for!!!

Enjoy your visit and please be sure to tell the girls I said hello!

Say yes to delegation!

Why is it so difficult to delegate sometimes?  It seemed to be one of my struggles, especially in my business.

It’s not that I don’t trust my team to get work done efficiently, it’s something that comes from me.  I think it’s a combination of a desire to please, trust in myself and still wanting to control all of the facets of my business.

I have learned that lack of delegation does a couple of things.  Number one it really makes me procrastinate.  I am the owner of the company and my priomary roll is sales!  When I am focused on what everyone else is doing I am not selling, without sales the company can not sustain itself!  With further introspection I realize that all of this involvement in my team’s job’s, instead of my own, identifies a fear of not being busy…..what if everyone is doing their job and I’m not busy????YIKES!!! That means no money is coming in!  That annoying voice in my head says, well maybe if you keep doing unproductive tasks, like doing everyone else’s jobs you will feel busier. STOP!!!!!

A couple of months ago one of my super-star employees, Jessica, only 21 years old and a real go-getter came into my office and said to me, “Monica you seem like you have a lot on your plate, but I would like to spend the day with you re-organizing your office! ”  Hmmmmmmmm…..I hesitated for quite a while and finally surrendered myself to this young girl with a vision.  Eight hours later and 3 garbage bags full I felt like that heavy weight on my shoulders had been lifted.  We made files for everything, we organized my calendar, we made TO DO baskets for me to delegate to my staff…….is it really this easy??? Yes it is!!!  We can all do it!

I’m not as busy as I was and you know what?  I LOVE IT!!! I am working smart, I have a life, I am not working until midnight every night and my sales have increased!  Eliminating all of these unproductive tasks has made me see a bigger vision for glamjulz!  I am so excited about it and my team is exceeding all of their targets because they really know that I can trust them!

The Chef and his Apprentice


I wanted to share an amazing experience I had last week.

I was fortunate enough to have my Aunt and Uncle visiting from Germany for the past 6 weeks.  They stayed with my Mom and Dad, who live close by so I got to spend a lot of time with them.  They were so much fun!  We laughed, we ate, we drank, they told great stories and kept practicing their English, as I did my German.

They are both fantastic cooks and my Uncle is a chef. The Friday before they flew home my Uncle and I spent the day together.  We shopped, we chopped and we cooked, beautiful fresh food for the whole family.  For me the experience was priceless.

I feel so appreciative of the amazing family that I have and all of the fantastic memories we have together. I am also recognizing how important it is to create new memories.  To spend time with the people you love and to make one another feel good.

Think of a special person in your life that makes you feel good and spend some time together.  Maybe it’s time to play hooky from work and have a little playtime!!!

Enjoy your freedom!!!