Massey Hall

Last night my hubby and I went to see Craig Ferguson at Massey Hall!  What a fantastic night!  We laughed until our bellies ached, although we kinda do that everyday anyway!  We are all about the humour.

It was so fantastic to be there last night, it was a beautiful spring evening and we arrived early so we hit the lounge at Massey Hall.  All of the concerts that I have been to over the years I never even knew they had a lounge downstairs. It was perfect, kinda felt like going to a friend’s basement party in highschool.  They had a fantastic photo gallery of all of the performers with Autographs and beautiful collages showcasing write ups and reviews of Massey Hall’s performances dating back as far as 1853.  It felt so wonderful to read the old reviews and see what was happening in our big beautiful city back in the good old days.  I am so proud to live in Canada and Toronto is such a fantastic city, taking time to relish in our history made me realize again how lucky we are to live here!

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