Southern Most Corner Office

Hey what do you think of this?  My brand new corner office on the most southern point of North America!  That’s right!  Key West.  Okay so this is a slight exaggeration……not really my new corner office but I could not resist taking a picture.  I have been in glorious Florida for over a week now.  Proving to myself that anything and everything is possible. 

Over the years I have personally contemplated participating in big trade shows here in the US to promote glamjulz.  Maybe an opportunity in the future, but right now the idea just does not sit well with me. 

This is where my brain is at:

Hey, instead of paying thousands of dollars on a trade show and sitting inside a stuffy conference room with no windows why not do something completely different!  I know……I will do some research on-line…find some cool stores, make appointments and drive across Florida showing my julz! 

OMG!!! It worked….. 5 days later, a fantastic sun-tan and lots of sightseeing squeezed in, I have picked up stores from Tampa to Key West all for about 1/10 of the cost of participating in a trade show….I hate to brag but I feel pretty brilliant right now as I am entering my blog, sipping on a Pina Colada,  intoxicated by the atlantic blue ocean(or maybe that’s the Pina Colada) and looking forward to tomorrow morning’s appointment in Key West! 

Ahhhhhh…isn’t life amazing when we think outside of the box?

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