Friends for Life!

Check out these two hot girls that just turned 40 within 5 months of eachother?  That’s right, me and Dawn!  Getting ready for a night on the town in Burlington!  That evening began with all you can eat sushi!  Mmmmmm!!!!

Dawn and I have been friends since before we were even born!  Our Mom’s and Dad’s were friends and then I came along and patiently waited 5 more months for Dawn to come along.  We grew up together like cousins.  I lived with my family in Oakville and Dawn with her’s in Markham.  We had cottage weekends together, family birthday’s and when we got older Dawn would come to Oakville for my highschool dances and to check out the all-ages bars and CFNY video dances.

Markham was kind of rock-on at the time and Dawn liked the new wave scene that me and all my friends were into.  We would listen to Roxy Music, New Order, Depeche Mode, and then crazy dance music from bands like, Nucleus, Willisden Dodgers and Torch Song….that’s what the cool kids listened to!  Less mainstream, more treasures that were mysterious and hard to find.   We loved to dress differently and had crushes on guys that wore eyeliner and rocked Duran Duran haircuts!

Our teenage years were so much fun when we got to spend it together!  I always knew I wanted Dawn to be closer and to have her as a bigger part of my everyday life!  I am so thankful to Dawn for joining “glamjulz” and being such a huge part in making my dream a reality!  Dawn has been working with me for almost 10 years now!  We laugh everday, we respect each other and we always get the work done!  We are a super-dynamic team and our unconditional love and admiration for one another is the magic of glamjulz!

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