The Gulf of Mexico

Okay, I”ll admit this picture is far from perfect but the day meant so much to me.

Imagine, there I was just this past March  in my little blue Hyundai accent rental car, driving all the way down the west coast of sunny Florida selling my julz!  My heart was racing and palms were sweating, this was the USA!  Untouched territory for me!  All of the store owners I met with had just pulled themselves out of a brutal recession and I had no idea how they were going to respond to a Canadian girl flogging her julz!

Much to my surprise with each appointment I was greeted with the warmest and friendliest “Hello Darlin'”.  These people were incredible, still going strong, able to hold on to their businesses that they had worked so hard to build.  It was so inspiring to meet with them all and listen to their enthusiasm and true love for what they were doing.

Personally I  felt so welcomed and supported by the Floridians.  I was so appreciative of their time and their genuine interest in what I was offering them.

This picture of me was taken in Key West, at the most southern point of North America, only 90 miles from Cuba.  I was half way through my travels at this point and had successfully sold to several boutiques along the stunning shorelines of the Gulf of Mexico.

I came home on such a high and then boom!  Disaster struck for my new friends in the sunny south!

The oil spill feels so tragic to all of us, how do people survive these disasters?  How could I have just been there a few short months ago and everything was so peaceful and serene.  Sparkling water, gorgeous sunshine, pelicans sailing above me greeting me as I passed through every Key.  It all seems so unfair.

I suppose we need to trust.  Trust that all of the people working on this disaster are doing there very best and that our Floridians and fellow Americans will be taken care of by their government.  With each disaster or misfortune we need to believe that good things will come in abundance.

I truly believe that this man made disaster will be a turning point for all of us earthlings, we will pay even more attention to one another and this beautiful planet that we roam on.  We will be gentle and kind and put our greed aside.  It’s time to clean up more that just the oil spill.  We need to clean up our interpretations of what our planet has to offer and be gentle.  We will do it!  It’s time!

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great blog monica, congrats on the sales trip to the us, glad it went so well. we need to do coffee one of these days…soon!


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