Keeping Track

Looking through my photo albums I think I have more pictures of food then anything else!  I love to cook, I love to eat and I love to taste new things!  Getting together with friends and family is always a culinary adventure.  As I eat and eat I also try to be careful with the quality of what is going into my mouth.  I have noticed that what my body does not want it stores as fat.

Last month a friend and I were reading up on our Chinese horoscopes to see what 2011 would bring, because I was born year of the Rooster apparently I LOVE to keep track of everything.  It’s really true, I track money, exercise, and yes food intake!  So for those of you that want to hop on board, enjoy all the good and keep healthy and happy check out  This website is a little gem that has saved me!  It shows fat grams, protein grams, and carb grams for everything you eat!  Just by tracking and keeping my grams from each category in check I have lost 18lbs since last August.

The wonderful thing about the site is that it just helps to keep things under control, it’s like Weight Watchers for free!  It’s also a free app, so I have it on my BlackBerry and I plug in my calories faithfully.  Also, if you are interested in getting more clean in the way you eat there is a fantastic series of books on eating clean by Tosca Reno.  It’s fascinating stuff.  Like did you know that sugar breaks down collagen and gives you wrinkles??? That’s my vanity speaking but there are so many great substitutes for sugar that are healthier and your body can actually use.

Keeping track really has helped me to be more aware of what I am eating and has  helped me to appreciate and savour my own cooking and other’s.  Hope this helps!

Talking to Students

In the last couple of months I have been speaking at a local high school to grade 10 students.  These students are in a careers class and really gain a lot of value when guest speakers come in.

I know the boys are thrilled when they see me, nothing better than a 41 year old woman talking about her jewelry business….LOL!  Nevertheless I have a ton of fun with all of the guys and gals in these classes.  The last time I was invited I was asked to speak to two different classes.  The night before I was thinking, how can I improve the messages that I am trying to give these kids?  How do I teach them good work ethic in a “cool“ way? That night I picked up my Inc. Magazine and was intrigued by yet another one of their amazing articles.  This one titled, “top 30 under 30“ ….. woooo hoooo this is where I discovered the amazing Josh Shipp!

This 29 year old guy is INCREDIBLE!  He is a motivational speaker for teens!  Where was he for me and my friends in highschool?  He is all about empowerment and taking life to the next level.  No excuses, who cares about your past, put your best foot forward!  That’s his message!

I read the article and then rushed to get on his website and see what else this genius had to say!  What a great site.  He has a wonderful 3 minute speech you can watch that really shows you what he’s all about and he’s written a book called, “The Teen’s Guide to World Domination”

The next day I was even more pumped to talk to the students!  Josh Shipp motivated me to be a better speaker and I also wanted to show him off to the class!  The students loved his 3 minute speech on his website… really helped me get the students to a good place, opened them up to talk to me about their hopes, dreams and ambitions.  I had a fantastic time with both classes and it was an honour for me to hear what they had to share.

I am now in the middle of reading “The Teen’s Guide to World Domination” the 16 year old Monica is oh so inspired and happy!  Josh you are speaking to all of us!  It’s never too late! Thank you!!!

Kick in the Pants

Okay, I admit it, sometimes I REALLY want to procrastinate!  Just sit back, relax and let the day drift by.  Sometimes I look at all the things I need to accomplish in a day and I say…hmmmmm….which one is the most fun….that`s the one I`m going to do!  I realize I am kind of putting myself out there but I would like to share with you my list of EXCUSES to procrastinate and you can let me know if they sound familiar, or if you have any that you would like to share:

  • I can`t call people on Monday`s, everyone hates Monday`s no one will want to talk to me
  • I feel a little grumpy today…hmmm, maybe it`s  PMS early this month…. I better just chill
  • If I just hit the snooze button 10 more times I`ll still be able to get everything done that I need to do
  • What`s the point in organizing my desk at the end of the day, it will just get messy again tomorrow
  • I`ll call that person when I feel better, what if they can tell something is bothering me.

Okay…so this is just a short list of some of the things that go through my head….as soon as they surface I now hear a louder voice saying,  SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!! (that`s actually Dawn`s voice in my head, she`s really great at telling me! LOL!)

So now that I am reading my list I am realizing how easy it is to sabotage success with the little voices in our head.  For the most part I am able to push through this stuff and a lot of it is left over thought patterns from when I was working in the corporate world and sometimes dreaded getting out of bed in the mornings.  That`s when I remind myself I am living in a beautiful world that I created so get out there and love it!  Push those excuses aside!

When  those negative voices get a little too loud I tune in to the following entrepreneurs for a friendly “Kick in the Pants“

Gordon Ramsay– Kitchen Nightmares (ouch!  He has a hard kick!)

Jamie Oliver– Jamie`s Kitchen

Josh Shipp –

Armando Montelongo – Flip this House

I can`t get enough of these guys, they all have the same thing in common, they are sooooo passionate about what they do AND they have tremendous attention to detail and get the job done!

As for me….my desk is clean and I only hit the snooze once this morning!  Had my morning walk and I`m BACK TO WORK!  Get out there and take on that world!  Wooo Hooo!

Happy 10th Anniversary CH Morning Live!

On February 21st (Family Day), I had the pleasure of joining CH Morning Live to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of the show!  My alarm went of at 4am that day!  I indulged in one 5 minute snooze and then went downstairs to make myself a BIG cup of tea!  Next….. get showered, dressed, hair, makeup and out the door for 5am!  No problem and hellloooo SNOW!    5 minutes to brush the fluffy sparkly stuff off of my car and them a nice slow drive down to Spencer`s On the Water in Burlington.

When I arrived at Spencer`s I was greeted by the whole CH crew….big hugs and appreciation for getting up so early to be on the show……come on you guys, the pleasure is ALL mine!  When I arrived at 5:30 everyone was already on set, looking glamorous and wide awake with big mugs of coffee, laughing, joking and reminiscing about their last 10 years together.  What a dynamic team they are!  The energy in the room was amazing and I was so HAPPY to be a part of it!  Here is a picture of Annette and I just before we did the interview.

I am truly thankful to the CH Morning crew, as I`m sure many small businesses in this area are.  They are all so dedicated to promoting local talents and businesses.  They really thrive on keeping the community abreast of everything that`s happening in area which helps all of us.

Here`s to 10 more amazing years!!!!! Way to go you guys!!!!!

Keep Moving!

Hello All!  Well look at that!  We’ve almost made it!  The longest part of winter is behind us!  Yippeee!

Winter can be such a challenge sometimes.  Most nights I just want to come home, put on my jammies and cuddle up with a great book and a nice cup of tea.  All that darkness makes us tired and energy levels can really start to drop, especially this time of year.

One Saturday in January my friend Katherine and I had made plans to enjoy a stroll up and down Queen Street and enjoy some of the new boutiques west of Bathurst.  The morning came and the snow was coming down, the roads needed to be plowed.  We considered re-scheduling our little adventure.  But instead we went for it!  Took our time and enjoyed the drive through winter wonderland.

What a great day we had.  Started off with Chai Latte’s at Second Cup, checked out some bead stores, of course, and then enjoyed the beautiful boutiques along the way.  Everyone was in a great mood! The snow was gorgeous, big fluffy flakes.  Katherine said it looked like movie snow.  Which it really did!  We had such a great day and we were so happy that we left the house!

I think the best thing to do when the winter is making you feel blue is really just to keep moving.  If you have kids I’m sure your enjoying all the fantastic toboggan hills out there but why can’t you go even if you don’t have any little people in your life?  It’s great exercise and a good way to get the blood pumping.

Enjoy your last month or so of winter and just think how great you’ll feel in your shorts if you can just keep moving now!  We can do it!  Have fun!!!!!!!!

Circle of Happiness!

Okay……I MUST show off a little here!!! Is this not the yummiest necklace you have ever seen???? Honestly I feel joy bubbling up inside of me when I look at these colours.  Every season we design another multi coloured Ten Strand Necklace and I just LOVE them!  One of our customers calls these necklaces the circle of happiness.  Perfect description!

I spent the weekend with my wonderful husband as I stood back and watched him shoot over 600 pieces of spring glamjulz!  I can’t wait till we get them up on the website so you can all take in the fresh happy colours.

I have also been asked to enjoy a 15 year celebration of CH Morning Live on February 21st!  For any of you that will be tuning in I have a 6:20am segment where I will be launching my Spring Collection!

Spring is such a happy time, most definitely my favourite time to design and play with colour.  Have you ever noticed how great colour makes you feel?  When I was a kid I was never a big fan of winter and I remember feeling really down in the dumps sometimes.  I always remember colour coming to my rescue to pull me out of my slump.  The brighter and more vibrant the better.  Oranges, yellows and pinks always made me feel great and turquoise seemed to be somewhat soothing and refreshing.

As we survive the next couple of months brushing the salt off of our black coats and boots why not splash some colour in there to perk things up.  Maybe hot pink covers for our car seats, a big fuzzy turqoise scarf, red boots, yellow bath towels, whatever it takes to pump up the joy!  Oh and while you’re at it, don’t forget to put those glamjulz around your neck for guaranteed happiness!

We LOVE our Brides!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching what better subject to talk about than brides!!!! I am so lucky!  I get to work with so many creative and happy women, planning for their big day!  Some of our brides like a traditional look but I find that most of you glam brides come to us for something fun and different for your big day!

The trend seems to be all about CUSTOM and the more individual the piece the better.  Many of our brides come to us for the perfect julz for their bridesmaids and I have to say the ideas you girls have are just incredible.

As many of you are planning for your special day and hopefully planning to come see me for your julz, here are some great ideas from other brides that I just had to share.

– birthstone colours for each bridesmaid incorporated into their necklace

– different designs for each girl to suit their individual personality with all of the  beads co-ordinating.

– black dresses and for each girl a Ten Strand Necklace in all her favourite colours

– julz to match the flower arrangements

– julz to match the guy’s ties

– julz to match a family tartan

This is what I love about working with all of you, you really don’t care what everyone else is doing, you are all creating your own dreams and your own magic.  You girls are the trend setters out there with all your great ideas.

As much as we may look at Bridal Magazines and what all of the HOT colours may be for brides and their bridesmaids I see more often that most of you have known since you were 10 years old what your colours were going to be on your wedding day and you’ve been dreaming about it for years.

You’re all manifesting beautiful ideas for an incredible day with your wonderful future husbands.  Thank you for sharing and making me a better designer!  I’m so blessed to have worked with you all and can’t wait to meet more newly engaged glam girls out there!

Thanks also to all of you for your referrals, what a great complement when you tell your friends and family about glamjulz!

Please come and see me on Feb 20th at the Ever After Wedding Show in Milton, Ontario.  Details coming soon!

Hooray for Co-op Students!

I just wanted to tell you all about Amanda!  Our super-fantastic and amazing co-op student!  What a wonderful experience it has been to have Amanda here at the studio.  Amanda has been with us since September and she has been a HUGE help and so eager to learn all the ropes of running a small business.

I decided to take on a co-op student to inspire, teach and lead by example to someone young and eager to learn.  Well, much to my surprise I have been the one on the receiving end of all of those things.  Amanda is such an amazing teenager, at the young age of 17 she totally gets it!  She’s in a great mood EVERYDAY!  She never says no to a new opportunity.  I watch this young lady explore all kinds of opportunities for her life. Opportunities in school, clubs, jobs, the girl just attracts great things all the time.  She is wise beyond her years, if something doesn’t turn out the way she thought it would she just moves on to the next, never seems to take anything personally.  She embraces change and all of the doors that open for her in her world.

I am truly blown away by this girl.  Next time I hear someone say, “they don’t make teenagers like they used to”, I’ll say, “I know, they make them better!”

2011 ROCKS!

So everyone….how’s it going so far?  Are we having fun yet?  Cold enough for ya?  New Year’s resolutions going well?  Oh the pressures of a new year!  Why do we do this to ourselves? New budgets, new exercise program, eating better…..the list goes on!  How many of us actually reflect on the year we just made it through and say, “Hey! I’m amazing!  I spent my dollars on some fantastic trips and great clothes this year!  I exercised as much as I wanted, when I wanted and woooo hooo did I have some fantastic meals with great friends and family! “

My 2011 rocks so far and is going to continue to rock because I am making a conscious to decision to focus on what I have achieved in my life and to stay in the moment for longer than 30 seconds and actually feel the thrill and satisfaction of the accomplishments, big or small.  Eeeek!  Can I really truly keep that up?

Let’s all agree to be nicer to ourselves this year.  Why is it so easy to show compassion and love for those we care about but the opposite seems to be true when it comes to ourselves?  Self- talk can be so toxic sometimes.  Guilt words like should, would, could…come up over and over again.  Why are we so hard on ourselves and why is the expectation always to be perfect?  Hmmmmmmmmm…….. We all have something special, something amazing to share with the world.  Let’s not be afraid to make mistakes, let’s make them and move on….let’s just go out there and give it our all and agree to be gentle with ourselves and forgiving.

Are you with me?  I want your 2011 to ROCK!  You deserve it!

Thank You!

2010 is almost over and over the next few weeks we shall all be getting together with our friends or family to enjoy some good company, good food and create good memories.

This year has thrown some of us a few more hurdles than we may be used to. Some of us have lost family, lovers, friends and some of us may have lost hope, but it is important to remember that there was always someone around to help you through the rough times. They may even have helped you remember the good times; whether it is a person we spend time with or even a little furry friend that we have cuddled up next to.

The glamjulz Hummingbird Bracelet, which helps support the creation of the CIBC Breast Assessment Centre at The Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre and the glamjulz “Three Little Wishes” earrings which raises money for families living with Cancer both made BIG money this year, all thanks to you… People with BIG Hearts.

The money is important, but what’s equally important is that there are people out there who care enough to help, share, and support those who they may not even know personally.

Our Love and best wishes go out to each and every one of you in hopes that you enjoy the holidays with those you love, and remember that just like gifts, love is also important to give as well as to receive. Take care of each other, and thank you for being loyal customers… for being loyal Friends.

Best wishes and a Happy New Year

Monica      *      Wayne      *      Dawn