Best Friends

Here I am with my friend Jen!  We have known each other since 1977! Wow!  We were little then!  Jen has an older sister, my best friend, Sally……Sally and I were inseparable, we back packed through Europe together after high school and we were always known as a pair, “Monica and Sally”……. In the mid nineties Sally moved to England to be with her English husband and have 3 beautiful babies together.  That’s when Jen and I started to hang out together.  There are 4 years between us but Sally always said, “Monica you should hang out with my younger sister.”  Jen and I connected on so many levels.  We both missed our favourite Sally, all the way in England, and back in the mid nineties we were both single and had a ball together!

Jen since moved out to BC but comes to visit Wayne and I quite often.  We love having her here with us!  I feel so fortunate to have my best friends.  When Jen and I are together it’s so magical.  As soon as she arrives we both get into our groove and have the most fantastic time.  It’s not hard, there’s no effort, it all just flows.  We seem to have all the time in the world and can just talk about life for hours.  Jen knows me so well and can always tap into my insecurities and tell me all the right things to bring me back to feeling strong and powerful.

Best friends are so important, they are the family we choose.  I treasure all of mine and I am grateful everyday to have them.  Thank goodness for Blackberry Messenger….I keep them all close!

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You are so right Moni! Friends are the family we choose for ourselves — I feel lucky to have met you too 🙂 Jen is a great friend to many, and I am thankful she came into my life too. Miss you guys!


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