I am so excited to be writing this blog that I don’t quite know where to start.  I suppose I should start by saying that I am a VERY proud big sister!!!! Even though my brother is going to be 40 this year…..is it wrong for me to say that I am still a proud big sister?

Eric has just launched his first business.  It’s called Gobsmact and let me tell you it’s so much more than just T-shirts!  Let’s start with the T-shirt part though.  In Eric’s first collection titled Mind Readers each T-shirt tells a story.  You will read on his site what each of his images mean, you will be able to identify with them and definitely find an image that speaks to you.  This one is my favourite.  It’s called Thoughts in Orbit.  In Eric’s words, ” Thoughts in orbit is all about communication. It’s about the effect inspiration can have on a person, making them more confident and attracting others who can build on that piece of inspiration.”

Remember how I was saying that Gobsmact is more that just T-shirts?  Well here are a couple of other amazing things that Eric is doing with his business.

  • Gobsmact will be donating $1 from each of his sales to help our dear friend Tom Preston as he fights to beat cancer.
  • Gobsmact is also offering free music to all of it’s customers when you order a T!  On deck first is power pop band The Nines who you will absolutely LOVE!!! They are amazing and Eric and I both went to high school with Steve Eggers, the band’s incredible front man!
  • Gobsmact shirts are made with 100% cotton, using sweatshop-free labour right here in Canada.

With that said I am very inspired by Eric and what he has created.  His enthusiasm for this venture in contagious and I know he is going to be very successful!  By the way as I am out visiting with glamjulz customers I am also going to be pounding the pavement with these T’s.  Looking for some great stores to represent Gobsmact, so do expect to see them around town soon!  In the meantime Eric has some fantastic contests on right now for those of you that are interested and of course if you just can’t wait you can always pre order one of these amazing T’s and Eric will pay the shipping!

Hey this just in…….if you enter the handy coupon code GSC102BL, you’ll save 25% off your order.

Thanks for reading glamjulz fans and thanks again for all your support!  I am so blessed to have friends and fans that are passionate about supporting Canadian designers.  So happy that this one just happens to be my kid brother!




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