Cinderella Event


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of participating in the Cinderella Prince Charming Project right here in Burlington!

What an amazing day!  I was so honoured to participate in this charitable event.  The organizers  invited in-need students in both grades 8 and 12 to experience a day of “shopping” through new and gently used Graduation outfits, accessories, and shoes.

It was so incredible to see the generous support and donations by local individuals and organizations.  Everyone came together to make dreams come true for these kids.

Some of the girls very kindly gave me permission to show pictures of how wonderfully put together they were so please enjoy their smiling faces!

I found out about the event when Joelle, owner of Joelle’s in Burlington, asked me if I would like to participate.  I was there with Robin one of Joelle’s sales consultants who was styling all the girls and making sure they left looking their best!

A big thanks to any of you that did make donations……I noticed some vintage glamjulz donations on some of the tables!  You glam girls are the BEST!

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