#1 Mom!

My Mom is the greatest!  She is 70 years old and has the playfulness of a teenager!  We have so much fun!  Last year we traveled all over the East Coast together.  I was on a mission to conquer the Maritimes with my julz and my Mom was the best travel partner I could have asked for.

I am so thankful to my Mom.  She is such a rock in our family.  She takes care of my nephew, organizes our cottage weekends, feeds us all while we’re there and still finds time to help me string beads when I am swamped.  She is so dedicated to our whole family and is always happy to spend time with us and hear all about what is happening in our lives.

What a great feeling to be loved and adored by such an amazing woman!

Healthy Breakfast!

Okay friends!  How’s our New Year’s resolutions going? If you’re still at it congratulations!  We are halfway through the year!  I would say you have officially made a lifestyle change!!

There are days however when we feel sluggish and it’s just hard to get moving!  Well I have this dear friend Catherine, she is an amazingly incredible real estate agent who used to sell my julz for me!  Wow was I lucky!  This girl is a fire-cracker!  Gorgeous and can definitely sell ice-cubes to Eskimos!  Anyway, back to feeling sluggish!  Whenever Catherine and I were on the road together selling  julz at about 4:00 in the afternoon Catherine would look at me and say, “I need to eat something ALIVE”…….then she would reach into her cooler and grab the crispiest apple or juiciest peach of tupperware full of strawberries and be instantly re-energized!

This statement of her wanting to eat something alive has always stuck with me!  I am not a morning person by nature.  I am a wanna be morning person!  And I am getting there( my other friend Katherine (with a K) gets my butt out the door at 6:30 am for a walk, run or bike ride every morning)…….I eat fruit from 7:00am to 12:00 pm to give me tons of great energy and then delicious veggies for lunch, followed by more fruit and back to veggies for dinner……lots of protein in there too of course but I never go a day without my 4 cups of veggies and 2 cups of fruit!  We do need these foods to keep us feeling super-fantastic!  80% of these fruits and veggies I eat are also raw which is even more alive!

Sometimes I think we over compensate for what we perceive to be lacking in our lives.  We do this by spending money on gym memberships, personal trainers, nutritionists, vitamins and supplements.  I am not saying that these things are not important or can not help, they can, I’ve done them all!

I’m just saying all I need are my two Katherine Catherine’s!

Friends for Life!

Check out these two hot girls that just turned 40 within 5 months of eachother?  That’s right, me and Dawn!  Getting ready for a night on the town in Burlington!  That evening began with all you can eat sushi!  Mmmmmm!!!!

Dawn and I have been friends since before we were even born!  Our Mom’s and Dad’s were friends and then I came along and patiently waited 5 more months for Dawn to come along.  We grew up together like cousins.  I lived with my family in Oakville and Dawn with her’s in Markham.  We had cottage weekends together, family birthday’s and when we got older Dawn would come to Oakville for my highschool dances and to check out the all-ages bars and CFNY video dances.

Markham was kind of rock-on at the time and Dawn liked the new wave scene that me and all my friends were into.  We would listen to Roxy Music, New Order, Depeche Mode, and then crazy dance music from bands like, Nucleus, Willisden Dodgers and Torch Song….that’s what the cool kids listened to!  Less mainstream, more treasures that were mysterious and hard to find.   We loved to dress differently and had crushes on guys that wore eyeliner and rocked Duran Duran haircuts!

Our teenage years were so much fun when we got to spend it together!  I always knew I wanted Dawn to be closer and to have her as a bigger part of my everyday life!  I am so thankful to Dawn for joining “glamjulz” and being such a huge part in making my dream a reality!  Dawn has been working with me for almost 10 years now!  We laugh everday, we respect each other and we always get the work done!  We are a super-dynamic team and our unconditional love and admiration for one another is the magic of glamjulz!

Family Time up North!

This picture makes me feel so peaceful inside.  This is the front of my Mom and Dad’s Cottage.  We are so lucky to have this place.  My Dad bought it in the late 50’s and it feels like the set of “Little House on the Prarie”, we even have an old school house down the road from us.

This house to me is magical.  My Mom and Dad have always loved having lots of people up and each guest is guaranteed to gain anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds for a long weekend stay.  Big breakfasts, cold cuts and cheese for lunch and a big barbecue for dinner with my Dad’s home made wine flowing into each glass.

The part that makes all of this so magical is the feeling that we  have when we are all up there spending time together.  It’s like we all regress to our childhood, laughing hysterically (well honestly I do that most days!  Have you met my husband?) , eating whatever we want, going for 10 walks a day, jumping in the lake, telling old stories a million times like it’s the first time we’ve told them and just enjoying each other and all knowing how blessed we are to all be together in a little piece of paradise.

I love my husband, my family and all of my friends dearly.  I am surrounded by incredible people that make me want to get up and be the best I can be each day.  Life is supposed to be fun and I think I have mastered that!  Woooo Hoooo!!  I think there’s a car leaving for the cottage!  Wait up!!!!!!

The Gulf of Mexico

Okay, I”ll admit this picture is far from perfect but the day meant so much to me.

Imagine, there I was just this past March  in my little blue Hyundai accent rental car, driving all the way down the west coast of sunny Florida selling my julz!  My heart was racing and palms were sweating, this was the USA!  Untouched territory for me!  All of the store owners I met with had just pulled themselves out of a brutal recession and I had no idea how they were going to respond to a Canadian girl flogging her julz!

Much to my surprise with each appointment I was greeted with the warmest and friendliest “Hello Darlin'”.  These people were incredible, still going strong, able to hold on to their businesses that they had worked so hard to build.  It was so inspiring to meet with them all and listen to their enthusiasm and true love for what they were doing.

Personally I  felt so welcomed and supported by the Floridians.  I was so appreciative of their time and their genuine interest in what I was offering them.

This picture of me was taken in Key West, at the most southern point of North America, only 90 miles from Cuba.  I was half way through my travels at this point and had successfully sold to several boutiques along the stunning shorelines of the Gulf of Mexico.

I came home on such a high and then boom!  Disaster struck for my new friends in the sunny south!

The oil spill feels so tragic to all of us, how do people survive these disasters?  How could I have just been there a few short months ago and everything was so peaceful and serene.  Sparkling water, gorgeous sunshine, pelicans sailing above me greeting me as I passed through every Key.  It all seems so unfair.

I suppose we need to trust.  Trust that all of the people working on this disaster are doing there very best and that our Floridians and fellow Americans will be taken care of by their government.  With each disaster or misfortune we need to believe that good things will come in abundance.

I truly believe that this man made disaster will be a turning point for all of us earthlings, we will pay even more attention to one another and this beautiful planet that we roam on.  We will be gentle and kind and put our greed aside.  It’s time to clean up more that just the oil spill.  We need to clean up our interpretations of what our planet has to offer and be gentle.  We will do it!  It’s time!

Mother’s Day Open House

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that attended our Open House for Mother’s Day shopping last Thursday!  It was a big success and we really appreciate you sparkling up your Mom’s wardrobe’s with our julz!

I feel so honoured to have so many wonderful people around me that support my business and have been with me since the beginning.  One of those people is a local TV celebrity that all of you know.  Annette Hamm from CH Morning Live.  Annette is so gracious and a real star!  Annette attends all of our events and proudly wears her glamjulz on her show just about every morning!  It means so much to me!  Annette loves to promote local business people and has always invited me for regular appearances on the show!

On Friday we drew the raffle for my newest convertible necklace design and Annette was the winner!  She’s going to look so fabulous in the necklace, be sure to tune into CH morning live to see Annette wearing her new julz!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Massey Hall

Last night my hubby and I went to see Craig Ferguson at Massey Hall!  What a fantastic night!  We laughed until our bellies ached, although we kinda do that everyday anyway!  We are all about the humour.

It was so fantastic to be there last night, it was a beautiful spring evening and we arrived early so we hit the lounge at Massey Hall.  All of the concerts that I have been to over the years I never even knew they had a lounge downstairs. It was perfect, kinda felt like going to a friend’s basement party in highschool.  They had a fantastic photo gallery of all of the performers with Autographs and beautiful collages showcasing write ups and reviews of Massey Hall’s performances dating back as far as 1853.  It felt so wonderful to read the old reviews and see what was happening in our big beautiful city back in the good old days.  I am so proud to live in Canada and Toronto is such a fantastic city, taking time to relish in our history made me realize again how lucky we are to live here!

Spring One of A Kind Show!

I want to thank all of the fans, family and friends that came out to the Spring One of A Kind Show!  We had a great time seeing you all and a few of you even left your cottage weekend early to come and support your Canadian Artisans!  That’s so amazing!

Usually after I am done the show I veg for the day…….like I REALLY become one with the couch….curtains drawn, Love Boat and Three’s Company re-runs and I am re-energized!

Today was different, I slept in and was greeted by beautiful sunshine coming into our bedroom window.  I could not wait to get outside!  I puttered around in my PJ’s for a while and then treated myself to a wonderful pedicure and got a foot massage!  Ahhhhh!  Hit Longo’s, my most favourite grocery store and loaded up in the produce section and treated myself to some beautiful candy-striped carnations, my Mom’s favourite flower.

Gonna cook up some beautiful steaks tonight and continue to enjoy this glorious day!  Wayne is out with the boys tonight so a chick flick will also be a definite MUST!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I am enjoying this beautiful Monday!

Thanks for being the BEST fans I could ever have!

Meeting with a Bride in the Florida Keys!

Talk about fun!  Here I am meeting with a bride to be.  Rachel, owner of the White Sands Inn in Marathon, Florida.  Right in the heart of the Florida Keys.

We are creating a beautiful multi-strand crystal a pearl necklace for Rachel and then we are leaving space on the necklace where she is going to hang shells that she had collected over the years.  I can’t wait to see Rachel on our Bridal page!  What a great idea!

I returned from Florida last week and it’s great to be back.  Spring is here and we could feel the excitement of it last week as brides were coming in one after the other to get their julz for their special day.

Thanks to all of you brides for including us in your wedding plans!  We love to add the sparkle to your special day!

Southern Most Corner Office

Hey what do you think of this?  My brand new corner office on the most southern point of North America!  That’s right!  Key West.  Okay so this is a slight exaggeration……not really my new corner office but I could not resist taking a picture.  I have been in glorious Florida for over a week now.  Proving to myself that anything and everything is possible. 

Over the years I have personally contemplated participating in big trade shows here in the US to promote glamjulz.  Maybe an opportunity in the future, but right now the idea just does not sit well with me. 

This is where my brain is at:

Hey, instead of paying thousands of dollars on a trade show and sitting inside a stuffy conference room with no windows why not do something completely different!  I know……I will do some research on-line…find some cool stores, make appointments and drive across Florida showing my julz! 

OMG!!! It worked….. 5 days later, a fantastic sun-tan and lots of sightseeing squeezed in, I have picked up stores from Tampa to Key West all for about 1/10 of the cost of participating in a trade show….I hate to brag but I feel pretty brilliant right now as I am entering my blog, sipping on a Pina Colada,  intoxicated by the atlantic blue ocean(or maybe that’s the Pina Colada) and looking forward to tomorrow morning’s appointment in Key West! 

Ahhhhhh…isn’t life amazing when we think outside of the box?