2011 ROCKS!

So everyone….how’s it going so far?  Are we having fun yet?  Cold enough for ya?  New Year’s resolutions going well?  Oh the pressures of a new year!  Why do we do this to ourselves? New budgets, new exercise program, eating better…..the list goes on!  How many of us actually reflect on the year we just made it through and say, “Hey! I’m amazing!  I spent my dollars on some fantastic trips and great clothes this year!  I exercised as much as I wanted, when I wanted and woooo hooo did I have some fantastic meals with great friends and family! “

My 2011 rocks so far and is going to continue to rock because I am making a conscious to decision to focus on what I have achieved in my life and to stay in the moment for longer than 30 seconds and actually feel the thrill and satisfaction of the accomplishments, big or small.  Eeeek!  Can I really truly keep that up?

Let’s all agree to be nicer to ourselves this year.  Why is it so easy to show compassion and love for those we care about but the opposite seems to be true when it comes to ourselves?  Self- talk can be so toxic sometimes.  Guilt words like should, would, could…come up over and over again.  Why are we so hard on ourselves and why is the expectation always to be perfect?  Hmmmmmmmmm…….. We all have something special, something amazing to share with the world.  Let’s not be afraid to make mistakes, let’s make them and move on….let’s just go out there and give it our all and agree to be gentle with ourselves and forgiving.

Are you with me?  I want your 2011 to ROCK!  You deserve it!

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