Keep Moving!

Hello All!  Well look at that!  We’ve almost made it!  The longest part of winter is behind us!  Yippeee!

Winter can be such a challenge sometimes.  Most nights I just want to come home, put on my jammies and cuddle up with a great book and a nice cup of tea.  All that darkness makes us tired and energy levels can really start to drop, especially this time of year.

One Saturday in January my friend Katherine and I had made plans to enjoy a stroll up and down Queen Street and enjoy some of the new boutiques west of Bathurst.  The morning came and the snow was coming down, the roads needed to be plowed.  We considered re-scheduling our little adventure.  But instead we went for it!  Took our time and enjoyed the drive through winter wonderland.

What a great day we had.  Started off with Chai Latte’s at Second Cup, checked out some bead stores, of course, and then enjoyed the beautiful boutiques along the way.  Everyone was in a great mood! The snow was gorgeous, big fluffy flakes.  Katherine said it looked like movie snow.  Which it really did!  We had such a great day and we were so happy that we left the house!

I think the best thing to do when the winter is making you feel blue is really just to keep moving.  If you have kids I’m sure your enjoying all the fantastic toboggan hills out there but why can’t you go even if you don’t have any little people in your life?  It’s great exercise and a good way to get the blood pumping.

Enjoy your last month or so of winter and just think how great you’ll feel in your shorts if you can just keep moving now!  We can do it!  Have fun!!!!!!!!

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