Kick in the Pants

Okay, I admit it, sometimes I REALLY want to procrastinate!  Just sit back, relax and let the day drift by.  Sometimes I look at all the things I need to accomplish in a day and I say…hmmmmm….which one is the most fun….that`s the one I`m going to do!  I realize I am kind of putting myself out there but I would like to share with you my list of EXCUSES to procrastinate and you can let me know if they sound familiar, or if you have any that you would like to share:

  • I can`t call people on Monday`s, everyone hates Monday`s no one will want to talk to me
  • I feel a little grumpy today…hmmm, maybe it`s  PMS early this month…. I better just chill
  • If I just hit the snooze button 10 more times I`ll still be able to get everything done that I need to do
  • What`s the point in organizing my desk at the end of the day, it will just get messy again tomorrow
  • I`ll call that person when I feel better, what if they can tell something is bothering me.

Okay…so this is just a short list of some of the things that go through my head….as soon as they surface I now hear a louder voice saying,  SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!! (that`s actually Dawn`s voice in my head, she`s really great at telling me! LOL!)

So now that I am reading my list I am realizing how easy it is to sabotage success with the little voices in our head.  For the most part I am able to push through this stuff and a lot of it is left over thought patterns from when I was working in the corporate world and sometimes dreaded getting out of bed in the mornings.  That`s when I remind myself I am living in a beautiful world that I created so get out there and love it!  Push those excuses aside!

When  those negative voices get a little too loud I tune in to the following entrepreneurs for a friendly “Kick in the Pants“

Gordon Ramsay– Kitchen Nightmares (ouch!  He has a hard kick!)

Jamie Oliver– Jamie`s Kitchen

Josh Shipp –

Armando Montelongo – Flip this House

I can`t get enough of these guys, they all have the same thing in common, they are sooooo passionate about what they do AND they have tremendous attention to detail and get the job done!

As for me….my desk is clean and I only hit the snooze once this morning!  Had my morning walk and I`m BACK TO WORK!  Get out there and take on that world!  Wooo Hooo!

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