Circle of Happiness!

Okay……I MUST show off a little here!!! Is this not the yummiest necklace you have ever seen???? Honestly I feel joy bubbling up inside of me when I look at these colours.  Every season we design another multi coloured Ten Strand Necklace and I just LOVE them!  One of our customers calls these necklaces the circle of happiness.  Perfect description!

I spent the weekend with my wonderful husband as I stood back and watched him shoot over 600 pieces of spring glamjulz!  I can’t wait till we get them up on the website so you can all take in the fresh happy colours.

I have also been asked to enjoy a 15 year celebration of CH Morning Live on February 21st!  For any of you that will be tuning in I have a 6:20am segment where I will be launching my Spring Collection!

Spring is such a happy time, most definitely my favourite time to design and play with colour.  Have you ever noticed how great colour makes you feel?  When I was a kid I was never a big fan of winter and I remember feeling really down in the dumps sometimes.  I always remember colour coming to my rescue to pull me out of my slump.  The brighter and more vibrant the better.  Oranges, yellows and pinks always made me feel great and turquoise seemed to be somewhat soothing and refreshing.

As we survive the next couple of months brushing the salt off of our black coats and boots why not splash some colour in there to perk things up.  Maybe hot pink covers for our car seats, a big fuzzy turqoise scarf, red boots, yellow bath towels, whatever it takes to pump up the joy!  Oh and while you’re at it, don’t forget to put those glamjulz around your neck for guaranteed happiness!

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