Happy 10th Anniversary CH Morning Live!

On February 21st (Family Day), I had the pleasure of joining CH Morning Live to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of the show!  My alarm went of at 4am that day!  I indulged in one 5 minute snooze and then went downstairs to make myself a BIG cup of tea!  Next….. get showered, dressed, hair, makeup and out the door for 5am!  No problem and hellloooo SNOW!    5 minutes to brush the fluffy sparkly stuff off of my car and them a nice slow drive down to Spencer`s On the Water in Burlington.

When I arrived at Spencer`s I was greeted by the whole CH crew….big hugs and appreciation for getting up so early to be on the show……come on you guys, the pleasure is ALL mine!  When I arrived at 5:30 everyone was already on set, looking glamorous and wide awake with big mugs of coffee, laughing, joking and reminiscing about their last 10 years together.  What a dynamic team they are!  The energy in the room was amazing and I was so HAPPY to be a part of it!  Here is a picture of Annette and I just before we did the interview.

I am truly thankful to the CH Morning crew, as I`m sure many small businesses in this area are.  They are all so dedicated to promoting local talents and businesses.  They really thrive on keeping the community abreast of everything that`s happening in area which helps all of us.

Here`s to 10 more amazing years!!!!! Way to go you guys!!!!!

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