Talking to Students

In the last couple of months I have been speaking at a local high school to grade 10 students.  These students are in a careers class and really gain a lot of value when guest speakers come in.

I know the boys are thrilled when they see me, nothing better than a 41 year old woman talking about her jewelry business….LOL!  Nevertheless I have a ton of fun with all of the guys and gals in these classes.  The last time I was invited I was asked to speak to two different classes.  The night before I was thinking, how can I improve the messages that I am trying to give these kids?  How do I teach them good work ethic in a “cool“ way? That night I picked up my Inc. Magazine and was intrigued by yet another one of their amazing articles.  This one titled, “top 30 under 30“ ….. woooo hoooo this is where I discovered the amazing Josh Shipp!

This 29 year old guy is INCREDIBLE!  He is a motivational speaker for teens!  Where was he for me and my friends in highschool?  He is all about empowerment and taking life to the next level.  No excuses, who cares about your past, put your best foot forward!  That’s his message!

I read the article and then rushed to get on his website and see what else this genius had to say!  What a great site.  He has a wonderful 3 minute speech you can watch that really shows you what he’s all about and he’s written a book called, “The Teen’s Guide to World Domination”

The next day I was even more pumped to talk to the students!  Josh Shipp motivated me to be a better speaker and I also wanted to show him off to the class!  The students loved his 3 minute speech on his website… really helped me get the students to a good place, opened them up to talk to me about their hopes, dreams and ambitions.  I had a fantastic time with both classes and it was an honour for me to hear what they had to share.

I am now in the middle of reading “The Teen’s Guide to World Domination” the 16 year old Monica is oh so inspired and happy!  Josh you are speaking to all of us!  It’s never too late! Thank you!!!

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