Keeping Track

Looking through my photo albums I think I have more pictures of food then anything else!  I love to cook, I love to eat and I love to taste new things!  Getting together with friends and family is always a culinary adventure.  As I eat and eat I also try to be careful with the quality of what is going into my mouth.  I have noticed that what my body does not want it stores as fat.

Last month a friend and I were reading up on our Chinese horoscopes to see what 2011 would bring, because I was born year of the Rooster apparently I LOVE to keep track of everything.  It’s really true, I track money, exercise, and yes food intake!  So for those of you that want to hop on board, enjoy all the good and keep healthy and happy check out  This website is a little gem that has saved me!  It shows fat grams, protein grams, and carb grams for everything you eat!  Just by tracking and keeping my grams from each category in check I have lost 18lbs since last August.

The wonderful thing about the site is that it just helps to keep things under control, it’s like Weight Watchers for free!  It’s also a free app, so I have it on my BlackBerry and I plug in my calories faithfully.  Also, if you are interested in getting more clean in the way you eat there is a fantastic series of books on eating clean by Tosca Reno.  It’s fascinating stuff.  Like did you know that sugar breaks down collagen and gives you wrinkles??? That’s my vanity speaking but there are so many great substitutes for sugar that are healthier and your body can actually use.

Keeping track really has helped me to be more aware of what I am eating and has  helped me to appreciate and savour my own cooking and other’s.  Hope this helps!

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