Jeff Bartels

Well let me introduce you to another famous brother!  This is Dawn’s brother Jeff Bartels.  Many of you know how talented Dawn is with all of the beautiful julz she creates here at glamjulz, well apparently that talent runs in the family.

We had the pleasure of seeing Jeff at Studio 561 in  Toronto where he launched his latest collection.  This series is incredible.  As you will read on Jeff’s website, this series of paintings explores the human condition expressed through hands.

Dawn, Wayne and I went to see Jeff and as soon as we walked through the door we were blown away.  Jeff’s attention to detail is breathtaking.  When I look at his paintings I can just imagine him working, so focused and diligent, never straying from the message he is trying to convey through his art.  Every wrinkle, every hair, every reflection, is so exact.  I especially love the paintings that Jeff is standing in front of in this photograph.  Being a music lover these pieces moved me the most.  I could actually feel emotions and sounds and talent coming from those hands.  The paintings had a vibration and they made me feel good.

It’s such an honour to know Jeff.  Jeff is an inspiration and is a person that has become successful by staying true to what he does best.  Jeff you are a true artist and thank you for sharing your beautiful pieces with the world!

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