Spring One of A Kind Show!

I want to thank all of the fans, family and friends that came out to the Spring One of A Kind Show!  We had a great time seeing you all and a few of you even left your cottage weekend early to come and support your Canadian Artisans!  That’s so amazing!

Usually after I am done the show I veg for the day…….like I REALLY become one with the couch….curtains drawn, Love Boat and Three’s Company re-runs and I am re-energized!

Today was different, I slept in and was greeted by beautiful sunshine coming into our bedroom window.  I could not wait to get outside!  I puttered around in my PJ’s for a while and then treated myself to a wonderful pedicure and got a foot massage!  Ahhhhh!  Hit Longo’s, my most favourite grocery store and loaded up in the produce section and treated myself to some beautiful candy-striped carnations, my Mom’s favourite flower.

Gonna cook up some beautiful steaks tonight and continue to enjoy this glorious day!  Wayne is out with the boys tonight so a chick flick will also be a definite MUST!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I am enjoying this beautiful Monday!

Thanks for being the BEST fans I could ever have!

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