Family Time up North!

This picture makes me feel so peaceful inside.  This is the front of my Mom and Dad’s Cottage.  We are so lucky to have this place.  My Dad bought it in the late 50’s and it feels like the set of “Little House on the Prarie”, we even have an old school house down the road from us.

This house to me is magical.  My Mom and Dad have always loved having lots of people up and each guest is guaranteed to gain anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds for a long weekend stay.  Big breakfasts, cold cuts and cheese for lunch and a big barbecue for dinner with my Dad’s home made wine flowing into each glass.

The part that makes all of this so magical is the feeling that we  have when we are all up there spending time together.  It’s like we all regress to our childhood, laughing hysterically (well honestly I do that most days!  Have you met my husband?) , eating whatever we want, going for 10 walks a day, jumping in the lake, telling old stories a million times like it’s the first time we’ve told them and just enjoying each other and all knowing how blessed we are to all be together in a little piece of paradise.

I love my husband, my family and all of my friends dearly.  I am surrounded by incredible people that make me want to get up and be the best I can be each day.  Life is supposed to be fun and I think I have mastered that!  Woooo Hoooo!!  I think there’s a car leaving for the cottage!  Wait up!!!!!!

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