Five Ways to Get Inspired During Lockdown

This time last year I was on my way to a three day retreat in Cuba with other female entrepreneurs.  It was a fabulous trip and really gave me the rest I needed and inspiration to come back and get excited for the year ahead.

How many of you are feeling like a change of scenery could really help with a fresh start to the new year?  I feel your pain.

We are in lock down and it’s difficult to get that fresh start feeling (more…)

No Pressure in 2021

Happy New Year and happy Monday to you!

I’d love for you to join me today in taking a deep breath and just sit still for a few moments.

Think about what your headspace was like one year ago at this time.

For me, I woke up to the sound of my alarm at 6:30am to be ready for the first Monday back to reality.  I woke up out of my holiday bliss feeling pressured before my feet even hit the ground.

Pressured to plan my year, pressured to get back to the gym, pressured to lose (more…)

Best Christmas Gift . . .

Last week I hosted my first Zoom Party!  A party to celebrate 20 years in business.

To all of the ladies who attended, I am sooooo grateful that you were there.  For those who could not make it, I felt you in spirit.  That’s the great thing about glamgirls, I always (more…)

Hangin’ out with A-Listers!

Here I go . . .

Yesterday I kicked off my 20 year celebration for glamjulz!

I chose the day because, as of yesterday, we only have 20 days left in 2020 and also, December 12th was my Dad’s birthday. Gosh, he would have been 85.  He and he had such a tremendous influence on my character, always encouraging me to work hard and give it my all!

So with all of those good vibes for a start date, I know that (more…)

How will we celebrate 20 Years of glamjulz?

Today I looked back at a BLOG I wrote in March, shortly after the pandemic began.  The blog was in celebration of glamjulz turning 20 this year.

I had some big plans to celebrate back then. I was under the assumption that (more…)

My Christmas Angels . . .

Here’s what this weekend looks like at my house and a few other people’s houses.

Every year I am so friggin’ grateful to have kind souls who come forward and volunteer their time to help.
There are julz to be made, advent calendars to be wrapped and parcels to be shipped.


Still Grieving After All These Years?

What a weekend! 20 degrees in November, are you kidding me?

This beautiful weather has been a gift, another opportunity to gather outside and spend time with the people we love.

Wayne and I headed north on (more…)

Gregor & Tara’s Story . . .

Meet Gregor Leithead and Tara MacIntosh – a husband and wife team who tackle everything
together with vigor.

When the Covid-19 restrictions came into effect in March 2020, they
thought that temporary job loss and isolation would be the biggest challenges they would have to overcome this year. It turned out that was far from the truth. (more…)

Right in My Backyard . . .

Wayne and I have lived in our neighbourhood for almost 15 years.  During that time we have explored many beautiful trails, there is nature all around where we live.

One thing we have always wanted to do is to explore (more…)

One in Eight . . .

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. That means you probably know someone or are that someone.

Kim MacDonald, Canada’s well known news personality from The Weather Network was that someone. (more…)