Taking Care of Mother Earth

Since I met Catherine over 15 years ago she has always talked about having her own cottage.  A beautiful place on the water where she could escape and be at one with nature.  She could swim, meditate and practice yoga, all from the comfort of her own private dock.

Over the years that I’ve know her, Catherine has been self-employed.  She’s one of those people who is (more…)

19 for a night . . .

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks! We’ve had friends visiting from Germany and their daughter Emma is staying a little longer to help me out at the studio and experience some more of the Canadian culture, eh?

Last week Emma and I went to Ontario Place to see (more…)

Kindergarten, Mrs. Corbett and What a Little Birdie Taught Me  . . .

Can you go back in time to Kindergarten?  Can you go there in your mind and remember any significant moments about it?  I actually do have some doozies!  My first memory being a thought at recess as I looked down at a pile of pebbles and thought, “Why am I wasting my time here at this school?  I need to make money and free my Mom and Dad from having to go to work every day, I need to sell a million pebbles for $1 each and our family will be free to do whatever we want!”  Ah yes, my first entrepreneurial thought, but that one’s for another blog . . .

By the time I got to Kindergarten I had a new found (more…)

Before you click to amazon.ca . . .

When we think about “shop local” we often think about attending the local craft show, getting our produce from the farmer’s market, purchasing a new outfit from that cute little boutique where the owner knows us by name.

The experiences we have when we support local businesses are gratifying not only for (more…)

How I Became Friends with My Mom

I love spending time with my Mom.  I love taking her on the road with me, traveling together, cottage weekends, shopping together, working together and enjoying meals with a nice glass of wine together.

Was it always this way? Ummmm no!

Many of my (more…)

All it takes is a simple introduction . . .

“Is there anything better than watching a woman succeed?”

These are the words of my friend Mindy Tweedle.  I met Mindy a few years ago.  She runs her own Video Production Company.  She helps businesses to tell their story.  Mindy also provides media training – just one of her many offerings.

I went to Mindy a few years ago because (more…)

The Glory Days

This Easter weekend I decided to go back to my roots in my business.  I thought it would be kind of nice to participate in a local craft show.  When I first started making my julz in 1992 I would exhibit in about 25 craft shows a year.  It was a great way to get my name out there.  Since unique hand-made items were not available on line, there was no Etsy or even Internet, it was the place to be on the weekend!  People would come out in droves and admire all of the items that artisans worked so hard to create.  I would exhibit in Burlington one weekend and London the next and sometimes see the same people shopping at both shows.  I’m telling you, it really was a “thing”.  Most weekends all of us crafters would walk away with a couple of thousand dollars in sales.  I knew so many crafters who were able to make this their living. They’d work hard all week building inventory and do a different craft show every weekend.


Why do People Stay in Abusive Relationships?

Imagine if you never looked forward to coming home at the end of the day.  If the person you lived with had severe mood swings, called you names, swore at you, threw things and maybe even hit you.

This is a reality that too many people live with.  Both women and men will stay in abusive relationships for a bunch of different reasons.  These reasons are important to recognize, they explain why we should never look in as an outsider and judge the victim.


Life Goes On

I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself.  I stick to my processes and make sure that the goals I set for myself and glamjulz get completed no matter what I have to do. When life takes over and I can’t go along with my original plans, let’s just say I get a little twitchy.