Right in My Backyard . . .

Wayne and I have lived in our neighbourhood for almost 15 years.  During that time we have explored many beautiful trails, there is nature all around where we live.

One thing we have always wanted to do is to explore (more…)

One in Eight . . .

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. That means you probably know someone or are that someone.

Kim MacDonald, Canada’s well known news personality from The Weather Network was that someone. (more…)

I Can Do It Outside . . .

Last weekend the weather was spectacular!

We were up at the cottage and I had a lot of work to do!  September is always a busy month but it’s also the month where we can have the most beautiful weather and we know deep down inside it might be our last chance to enjoy whatever is left of summer.

I feel like I sound somewhat entitled when I say this, but here is the truth (more…)

Local Power Couple

Back in July I received a phone call. A local woman named Meghan who just happened to find me online! Jeez, I LOVE when that happens.

Meghan was inquiring about jewelry because she and her husband were starting up an online shop. She had two ideas – one was to pick up a nice jewelry line to show in her shop and the other was to create a bracelet to raise money for a cause she really believed in!

Okay, so this was one of those times where the Universe sent this wonderful person right to me. Meghan had no idea (more…)

Wasn’t That a Party

I have to admit it.  With the colder weather coming I am starting to get a little panicky about spending quality time with friends.  Zoom parties were somewhat of a novelty back in March but now I’m kind of dreading going back to that.   It’s been so wonderful to have safe physically distanced visits with friends outside in the beautiful summer weather.

Our first test for getting together in chillier weather happened this weekend when we were invited (more…)

September Overwhelm . . .

Is it just me or did you feel the exhaustion of all the families getting kids back to school this week?

By the end of the day on Tuesday I was wiped out.  Kind of sounds ridiculous for me to say, considering I don’t have kids and my week was pretty much the same as any other.  I did, however, feel especially drained and tired last week.  It could have been the cloudy days, the drop in temperature or just having a lot on my plate.  Nevertheless, for all of you Mamas and Dads with kids who went back to school, you are amazing!  I know your week could not have been easy.

With so much going on all at once, this is another reason to remember why (more…)

Forever Free . . .

Meet my beautiful friend Joanne Wright.  We’ve been friends since Grade 3.  This is a long time to know someone.  You know what it’s like with a true friend, you kind of float in an out of each other’s lives as the years pass by but somehow you always reconnect – as though your last conversation was only yesterday.

Sometimes life can change a person, not Joanne, she is still the kind, compassionate lovely girl she was all those years ago.

Growing up with Joanne has been (more…)

51 And Still Having Fun!

Over the weekend I celebrated my 51st birthday.  I do love getting older, staying young at heart and feeling good in my own skin is so important to me.

Unfortunately there are so many negative messages out there about getting older.  People put themselves down in horrible ways, saying things like (more…)

The Planets Align So Rare . . .

The last five months have been stressful for all of us.  For me, one of my biggest areas of stress has been keeping six feet away from my Mom and only visiting at her condo, outside on the patio.  Don’t get me wrong, I have felt so grateful for at least being able to do that.  I know many of you haven’t even seen your “senior” parents since the pandemic started.

Counting back two weeks ago since mandatory masks were put in place, I have felt a lot safer about “bubbling” with my Mom.

This weekend was big (more…)

30 Years Ago, This Weekend . . .

This weekend, 30 years ago, I was flying on a big ol’ jet airliner with my best friend Sally.

We were coming home after three months of what  would be the best trip of our lives.  Sal was 19, I was 20 and we had embarked on our biggest adventure to date.

Allow me to digress, in January of 1990 I returned from four months in Germany with my family and Sally returned from months spent with her family in England.

The year before Sally was fresh out of high school and I already had a year of working under my belt.  At the time, University did not appeal to either of us, we were both determined to travel and see the world.  After Sal came back from England and I returned from Germany she said, (more…)