20 Years of glamjulz . . .

2020 marks the 20 year anniversary of glamjulz !  With all of this time to reflect, it’s had me looking back on the most wonderful times.

This year I was planning for some celebrations which would have included lots of hugs.  So for now we will celebrate together in this new but temporary world i which we are living in.  We’ll show that virus how we can socially distance and still have a party!  Am I right?

Twenty years ago things looked a lot different than they do today.  I was working full time at Canada Post as a Sales Rep.  I had a small room in my house where I did my beading.  I exhibited my designs in over 25 shows across Ontario each year.  That is more than likely how I would have met 90% of YOU!

All of you women who are now in your 30’s – you were buying up my Stacker necklaces when you were only in your teens and tweens!  The women who are now in your 40’s, I had the honour of making julz for you for your wedding day.  Those of you who are in your 50’s and up like me, you have been coming to me for custom julz for your wardrobe for years.

I am so humbled and grateful.  Looking back over 20 years I realize how lucky I am to have built this business.  You all make me feel like I am a member of your family too, it’s more than just the julz.  It’s the friendships, the life events, the joy and the heartache that has brought us so close.

Your love, your loyalty and everything you have done for me and my little company is so very much appreciated.  I would never have made it this far without you.

In these times of (temporary) uncertainty I am excited to see how my business will change and evolve in a new world.  I have spent the last week in moments of panic and fear as many small business owners have, BUT, as per my usual outlook.  I default to this –

Now is NOT the time to give up, now is the time to innovate, evolve, build a legacy and support your fellow men and women the best way you can.  The earth needs love!  Plus, all of you in your homes need to know that people like me are here for you!

Join my on-going 20 year celebration on line!  Most of the action happens on my Instagram stories but there will be some fun stuff happening on Facebook too!

Love you all so very much, you are family to me.

Monica XO

Please join me every Tuesday on FB Live from the glamjulz studio where I will introduce you to a fellow entrepreneur and chat with them about their business!

(I take Social Distancing very seriously, I am the only one in my studio at this time and my work space is clean and sanitized)



Happy Anniversary!
It’s been a long time for both of us.
Crazy times!
At least you can mail things. My stuff not so well. Lol

Monica Graves

So happy I got to see you fairly recently Doris!! Thinking of you, hang in there XO


Go Monica! Your lovely pieces are a go to part of my wardrobe every day. I have shared your julz with pals, family, workmates, my book club… sometimes even Peaches wears some sparkle for special occasions. All to great acclaim.
You give back to the community. You empower entrepreneurs. You remind us to be kind to ourselves and others. This is important always but especially now when the world is in flux and we all feel a little adrift.
Happy 20th. Sending socially distant hugs (to be collected later in person).

Monica Graves

I can not wait to cash in on those hugs!! Love you Llana and thank you for EVERYTHING! XOXO


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