Is Your Inner Teenager Looking for Some Fun?

During this pandemic we’ve been talking a lot about getting creative and enjoying different activities like painting, paper crafts, chalk art, all those things we loved doing as kids.

But what about the other kid who is inside of us?  The one with a little bit of rebellion in her, the one who likes to lock herself in her room every once in a while just to be with her own thoughts.  Yes, I’m talking about the teenage girl – she needs some attention too!

This weekend it suddenly occurred to me that I was feeling pretty low about not being able to share music with the people I love and go to live shows.  So I posted about it on FB and asked my friends, “What was the last concert you went to before Covid?”  The response was incredible.  (Over 50 comments came in from teenagers who are now in their 40’s and 50’s).  The energy and enthusiasm of their experiences were so heartwarming.  I made the post public so please feel free to add to the comments HERE.

Wayne and I are big music people, it’s what brought us together and we still LOVE to rock it out and air guitar with each other in the house!  Ha ha.

On Sunday I said to Wayne, “My inner teenager needs some pink hair again!”  He said, “Awesome, let’s do it!”  “Let’s?” I said, “Yup, let’s!” said he!  Ha ha!  Up we went to the bathroom, he brought in a high stool.  As I sat down and looked in the mirror he ran through his ideas on how we could make pink hair a new look for me this time.  I have this amazing pink shampoo and it works really well, especially on lighter hair.  Wayne,  being the creative mind that he is, suggested that we only do the bottom layer of my hair pink, all the way around the whole head.  I loved that idea because I knew that when I curled it, I would have stripes of blonde with pink…kind of like strawberry/lemon sherbet.  Teenage Monica was excited!  Wayne started by giving me a little trim and then he carefully sectioned off my hair and applied the pink shampoo.

The result was fab!  I love it…just the perfect amount of pink, I might get Wayne to give me another dose of it in a few days to pump it up a little more.

After my hair was done Wayne asked, “Want to watch a documentary about Slash tonight?”  Like, did he even have to ask?  Of course I did!  Tonight we have Foo Fighters on deck and we’ll just keep going with our Rock ‘n’ Roll indulgence until we’ve watched all the concerts and documentaries of bands we love.

Come join us on this Rock ‘n’ Roll fantasy and give your teenage girl some fire for her belly.

It’s so worth it!

Monica XO

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