Hangin’ out with A-Listers!

Here I go . . .

Yesterday I kicked off my 20 year celebration for glamjulz!

I chose the day because, as of yesterday, we only have 20 days left in 2020 and also, December 12th was my Dad’s birthday. Gosh, he would have been 85.  He and he had such a tremendous influence on my character, always encouraging me to work hard and give it my all!

So with all of those good vibes for a start date, I know that our 20 days together will be the best virtual celebration ever!

Today I wanted to reflect on one of the craziest celebrations I ever attended that also lasted more than just one day!

But let’s start at the beginning shall we?. . . (cue the “looking back” sound effect )

It was a hot afternoon in early June, I collapsed on my couch after a long day of selling my julz at a craft show at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington.  The year was 2005.

Wayne and I ordered a pizza, he had a Pepsi and I poured a beer.

Next, we put on some Much Music and within a pretty short period of time I was snoozing, the day had knocked me out so much that I couldn’t even stay awake for Rock Stars.

I woke up to Wayne gently rubbing my shoulder and saying, “Look Moni, look! The VJ is wearing your necklace and I’ve already written down her name for you! You need to send her an email.”

It was Taylor Kaye who, at the time, was also working as a show host at CHUM. She responded to my email right away with, “Cool, I love glam” (this was pre- trademark so we hadn’t added the “julz“ yet) She asked me to lunch.

We met in Yorkville and after a lovely conversation and an invite to Taylor’s next DJ-ing gig at a night club in Toronto, she asked me if I would like to participate in a gift lounge for the Film Festival or the Much Music Video Awards. Being OBSESSED with Rock Stars and always wishing I could be one myself, I chose the MMVA’s.

The lead up to the show was intense.  It was going to be three days of festivities including rehearsal days, setting up, and then, of course, the big awards ceremony. I was going to be spending that whole time with Wayne in the gift lounge, schmoozing with celebs and giving them their choice of my julz.

I remember those few days before the big event, the butterflies I felt in my stomach every time the Black Eyed Peas would come on the radio because I knew, in a couple of short weeks I would be meeting them. Yup, I was already star struck!

The actual experience was incredible. All of the celebrities were so nice and interested in my business. I was one of three small business people in the lounge. Everyone else was big brands, like X-Box and Fossil Watches.

I met all kinds of stars –  Tori Spelling, Amy Lee, Carmen Elektra, Vivica A. Fox, Piper Perabo, Jamie King, Paris Hilton, Fergie of course and many more!

I am so grateful that I had the experience.  It helped, in many ways, to put my name out there.  When people ask me about it. I still stand by my biggest realization about the whole experience.

The women who I love to highlight and celebrate the most, more than any celebrity I have ever met,  are you, the women who are wearing my julz because you came across them at a craft show or in my showroom or in a little boutique in your hometown.

You are the stars in my life and when you show the world your sparkle with my julz, you give me butterflies that are the real deal.

Without you, there is no glamjulz and I just love you all for being my true A-Listers!

Monica XO

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