My Christmas Angels . . .

Here’s what this weekend looks like at my house and a few other people’s houses.

Every year I am so friggin’ grateful to have kind souls who come forward and volunteer their time to help.
There are julz to be made, advent calendars to be wrapped and parcels to be shipped.

When I get my volunteers (of all ages) together, we laugh hysterically, listen to music, eat delicious food as we work and share meaningful stories.

Every year it’s a beautiful and magical gathering of women and girls.

This year we don’t have that luxury but these big hearted souls still came forward to offer their help.

I met them at my studio doors last week and loaded their trunks with work, they all smiled from under their masks and reassured me to just breath and all the deadlines I have would be met.

This weekend as we all work away in our homes I feel their love and support.

What did I ever do to deserve such kindness?

Whatever you volunteer for, even if it’s just volunteering to pick up a friend’s kid from school or rake someone’s leaves, you are an angel on earth.

Hooray, hugs and love to all the volunteers out there.

You make a big difference!

Monica xo

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